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Clematis Erecta | Materia Medica by Dr. Cyrus Maxwell Boger

Homeopathy Materia Medica by Cyrus Maxwell Boger
Homeopathy Materia Medica by Cyrus Maxwell Boger

The Materia Medica by Dr. Cyrus Maxwell Boger (1861 – 1935)  was written in 1915 & he was an American homeopath.

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Clematis Erecta


Mind.– Sadness, and fear of impending misfortunes. Morose discontent.

Head.– Boring pain in temples. Moist vesicles and excoriation on occiput.

Eyes.– Inflamed, with profuse lachrymation. Inflammation of iris. Biting, smarting in margins of lids when closing eyes. Stitches in angles of. Extreme photophobia.

Face.– Pale, sickly countenance. Moist eruption on it, starts with a stitching pain. White, sticking blisters on, and on nose, as from sun burn. Cancer of lips. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.

Teeth.– Stitching and jerking drawing toothache, when lying in a horizontal position at night, driving him to despair. Worse: Smoking.

Abdomen.– Swelling, and induration, with twitching pain in inguinal glands.

Urine.– Increased discharge of. Discharge of purulent urine. Stopped, of discharged drop by drop, from narrowing of urethra.

Sexual Organs.– Painfully swollen and indurated testes. – Thickened scrotum. Aversion to coition, as after excessive sexual indulgence.

Back.– Neck: Encircled by an itching pimply eruption having purulent tips, with soreness and rawness after scratching. Moist eruption on, extending up to occiput.

Chest.– Swelled and indurated mammae. Cancer of mammae.

Upper Extremities.– Swollen axillary glands. Spreading vesicles on the hands and fingers. Worse by cold water.

Lower Extremities.– Scaly, crusty tetter on thighs or legs.

Generalities.– Extraordinary emaciation. Flaccidity of all muscles. Twitching of muscles. Vibration though entire body after lying down.

Tissues.– Glands painfully swollen and indurated.

Skin.– Crawling, throbbing and burning in ulcers, with sticking in their edges when touched. Chronic, humid herpes itching intolerably from warmth of bed and after washing. The painful, non – itching, tettery eruption over entire body is red and moist during the increasing, but pale and dry during the waning moon. Scaly herpes with thick crusts. Itching, moist eruption spreads by a corrosive ichor with redness, heat and swelling of skin.

Sleep.– Day sleepiness with nightly sleeplessness.

Fever.– Pulse: Excited, with throbbing in all blood vessels. Chill: With shuddering, then sweat without previous heat. Shivering c. every time he uncovers. Heat: Dry, with general hot feeling, only at night. Sweat: Profuse at nights, most toward morning, with aversion to uncovering.

Relationship.– Allied Remedies: Bry., Graphs, Merc., RHOD., Rhus-t.

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