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Homeopathy Materia Medica by Cyrus Maxwell Boger
Homeopathy Materia Medica by Cyrus Maxwell Boger

The Materia Medica by Dr. Cyrus Maxwell Boger (1861 – 1935)  was written in 1915 & he was an American homeopath.

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Mind.– Distraction. Awkwardness. Weak memory. Sadness, with restlessness. Easily offended: takes everything in bad part. Unusual candor and talkativeness.

Vertigo.– Stupefying, with vanishing of senses. Intoxication from a small quantity of wine. Reeling and confusion in head after coition.

Head.– Headache deep in brain, with feeling as if head were growing large. Ulcerative pain in. Nightly ache, worse raising up. Soreness of scalp.

Eyes.– Pressure in orbits. Weak, dim. Objects appear too near.

Ears.– Purulent, bad – smelling discharge from. Indistinct hearing, misunderstands what is spoken.

Nose.– Crusts, with burning pain in.

Face.– Frequent, rapid changes of color. Head of, with sense of swelling in cheeks. Pale swelling of upper lip, nose and cheeks. Fissured lips. Angles of mouth ulcerated.

Teeth.– Drawing ache in evening, and at night, ceasing in warmth and when walking in open air. Gums bleed easily and profusely.

Mouth.– Bad odor from. Burning in pharynx. Numbness of buccal cavity. Painfully sore ulcers on edge of tongue. Stuttering.

Stomach.– Coldness, as if a lump of ice lay therein.

Appetite: Violent hunger. Thirst for cold drinks in afternoon and evening.

Taste: Putrid or bloody, in mouth.

Nausea: With shivering, all forenoon.

Abdomen.– Ulcerative pain in. Cutting bellyache, worse during rest.

Flatulence: Flatulent colic, with chill and coldness, especially after stool. Discharge of very foul smelling flatus.

Stool.– Constipation. Diarrhoea, with ulcerative pain in abdomen. – during menses.

Urine.– Frequent urging to urinate.

Sexual Organs.– Intensified sexual desire. Frequent pollution.

Female.– Menses: Too early, and too profuse. Bloody discharge during intermenstrual period. Acrid, corroding leucorrhoea.

Respiration.– Short during manual labor. Oppression, as from constriction of chest.

Cough.– Dry, from tickling in throat and chest.

Larynx.– Hoarseness early in morning, with mucus and scratching in throat.

Chest.– Palpitation with restlessness, qualmishness and headache.

Back.– Pain and stiffness in, after stooping.

Neck: Swelling of cervical glans, with tension.

Upper Extremities.– Axillary sweat, smelling like onions. Paralytic sprained pain in joints of arm and hands. Powerless hands. Moist tetter on dorsum of hand.

Lower Extremities.– Tension in lower legs and calves, as though’ the muscles were too short.

Generalities.– Great weariness and powerlessness in joint. Deep impressions are made by instruments, i. e., from scissors on fingers.

Skin.– Itching in various parts, especially when getting warm. – better not scratching. moist tatters. Panaritia.

Sleep.– Sleepiness after eating, and early in morning.

Fever.– Pulse: Excited, with ebullitions and palpitation. Chill: Predominant, even near a warm stove, in morning, in evening and even at night, usually with thirst. During the pain. Heat: With thirst, anguish and restlessness. Daily evening fever (about 7 o’clock) consisting only of chill with thirst. Shuddering proceeding from back, in evening. Sweat: Most profuse on chest, every morning (from 5 to 6 o’clock.).

Relationship.– Allied Remedies: Ap., Nit-ac., Selen., sil.

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