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Theridion Curassavicum | Materia Medica by E A Farrinton

E A Farrington, Homeopathic Medicine Medica
Farrington, Homeopathic Medicine Medica

E. A. Farrington was born in Williamsburg, NY, on January 1, 1847. In 1866 he graduated from the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania. In 1867 he entered the Hahnemann Medical College, graduating in 1868. He entered practice immediately after his graduation, establishing himself on Mount Vernon Street.

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Theridion Curassavicum

THERIDION compares with the Tarentula, in headache, nervousness, hysteria. According to provings, there is a similar restless, busy state; he desires to occupy himself, though he finds pleasure in nothing. But there is a strong distinctive characteristic in the sensitiveness to noise. This qualifies the vertigo, headache, and even the gastric ailments. Vertigo and nausea, worse when the eyes are closed, from motion and from noise. Every sound penetrates the teeth. Every penetrating, sound and reverberation penetrates through the whole body. Headache worse if others walk over the floor. We have relieved most ‘intense headache with the Theridion, when this hypersensitiveness was present, as well as nausea and aggravation from motion. The general accompaniments are true spider-effects: weakness, trembling, coldness and anxiety. Hysteria, too, has yielded to the Theridion ; time passes too quickly ; hilarity; talkativeness; feels as if her head did not belong, to her, as if she could lift it off. Luminous vibrations before the eyes. Sensitive to light; if she looks into the light, dark vibrations are produced; double vision. Faints after every exertion. Anxiety about the heart; with sharp pains through the left chest, or to the left shoulder. Bites the point of the tongue during sleep,—all with weakness, chilliness;. or easily excited, cold sweat. Nausea and vanishing of thoughts, greatly intensified by closing the eyes.

Theridion is very similar to SPIGELIA, which has sharp neuralgic pains over the left eye. Under Spigelia, however, the pain comes up from the nape of the neck, and over the head, then settling over the left eye. The Spigelia sick headache is very apt to follow the sun, beginning in the morning, reaching its acme at noon, and gradually subsiding at sunset. The antidote to Theridion when it causes this headache is MOSCHUS.

Another use you may make of Theridion is in the sea-sickness of nervous women.’ They shut their eyes to get rid of the motion of the ‘ vessel, and they grow deathly sick.

The spine is very irritable. We have what is known as spinal irritation. Examination reveals great sensitiveness between the vertebrae. So great is this hyperesthesia that the patient sits sideways in a chair, in order to avoid pressure of the back of the chair against the spine.

A rather peculiar employment of Theridion, but one which I think I have had occasion to confirm, is its use in PHTHISIS FLORIDA. It is claimed that the drug tends to stay and, in some cases, stop the fearful progress of this fatal affection. One symptom I know is good, violent stitches high up in the left chest through to the back. Dr. Baruch succeeded in removing this symptom with the Theridion after other physicians had utterly failed.

MYRTUS COMMUNIS and PIX LIQUIDA vie with Theridion in pains in the upper left chest. The first has pain through to the shoulderblade, a symptom which it often relieves even in consumptives. Pix selects a spot at the third left costal cartilage, where it joins with the rib. (If it fails, consult Anisum stellatum, which affects EITHER side at the third rib.) Rales, through the lungs and muco-purulent sputum, are further symptoms of the tar.

Dr. Baruch has also made use of Theridion in scrofulous diseases of bones, particularly after Sulphur, Calcarea, Lycopodium and the ordinary remedies have failed. I think that it may even cure ozaena with caries since it attacks the bones and so often removes the following: Discharge from the nose, yellowish or yellowish-green, thick and offensive.

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