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Spongia Tosta | Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen

Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen
Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen

Homeopathic Materia Medica Keynotes by Dr. Henry C. AllenHenry C. Allen (1836 – 1909) was an American homeopath & he founded the Hering Medical College and Hospital.

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Spongia Tosta

For the tubercular diathesis. Especially adapted to diseases of children and women; light hair, lax fibre, fair complexion (Brom.). Swelling and induration of glands; goitre (Brom.). Awakens in fright and feels as if suffocating; as if head to breathe thru a sponge. Every mental excitement < or increases the cough. Worse after sleep or sleeps into < (Lach.). Sore throat, < after eating sweet things. Thyroid gland swollen even with chin: with suffocative paroxysyms at night. Goitre. Great dryness of mucous membranes of air passages – throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi – “dry as a horn.”. Cough: dry, barking, croupy; rasping, ringing, wheezing, whistling; everything is perfectly dry, no mucous rale. Cough: dry, sibilant, like a saw driven through a pine board; < sweets, cold drinks, smoking, lying with head low, dry cold winds; < reading, singing, talking, swallowing; > eating or drinking warm things. Croup: anxious, wheezing, < during inspiration (< during expiration, Acon.); < before midnight (< before morning, Hep.). Palpitation: violent with pain and gasping respiration; awakened suddenly after midnight with suffocation and great anxiety; valvular insufficiency; before and during menses. Angina pectoris; contracting pain, heat, faintness, suffocation, anxiety and sweat; < after midnight. Spermatic cord swollen, painful; testicles swollen, bruised, squeezed; after suppressed gonorrhoea or maltreated orchitis.

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