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SEDINHA | Materia Medica Keynotes by Benoit Mure

Materia Medica by BenoIt Mure
Materia Medica by BenoIt Mure

Homeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. Benoit Mure: Benoît Mure (1809 – 1858) was a French homeopath & he founded the Instituto Homeopático di Sai and later the Instituto Homeopático di Brazil.

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HERBACEOUS plant, with a slender, round and pubescent stem; the leaves are opposite, lanceolate and very sharp; their upper surface is hairy and of a darker green than their lower surface, which is covered with long, silky hairs. This plant is quite common in the neighborhood of Rio-Janeiro. We employ the leaves.

1. Aching pain at the sternal articulation of the fourth ribs. Internal itching, with desire to scratch, in the pit of the stomach. Sensation in the region of the liver as if penknives were thrust in. Tenesmus. 5. The urine burns like boiling water. Restless dreams about murders, monstrous animals. Distress on seeing any one eat. Pain in the pit of the stomach in raising one’s-self. Pressure in the temples and vertex. 10. Bone-pains above the eyes. Constant yawning for two days. Pain in the abdomen, after dinner, apparently proceeding from the pit of the stomach, with slight colic. The teeth are sensitive and set on edge, especially the right uppaer incisores. Itching in the left ear, with a good deal of ear-wax. 15. Digging pain in the right lung. Ho raises a bloody mucus. Desquamation on the back of the hand, extending to the nails, where the skin becomes loose and forms hang-nails. Itching at the pubis. Pimples and itching on the back, chest and arms. 20. Colic in the evening, with incarcerated flatulence; relief is obtained by the emission of flatulence. Toothache after eating, with bleeding and sensitiveness of the gums. Pain in the bad teeth. Headache as if from water-bubbles enclosed here and there in the forehead. Sense of excoriation in the urethra. 25. Slight pain in urinating. Discharge from the urethra of a water mixed with little mucous flocks. Heat on the back of the hand as if scorched by the sun, followed by desquamation. The gums are extremely sensitive, and the incisor teeth set on edge. Ludicrous dreams; he is pursued by crocodiles and he drives them away by sneezing. 30. Coffee aggravates the symptoms; the incisor teeth are set on edge, with sense of coldness in these teeth which descends from time to time. Caries of an incisor tooth.

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