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Sarsaparilla | Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen

Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen
Materia Medica Keynotes by Henry C. Allen

Homeopathic Materia Medica Keynotes by Dr. Henry C. AllenHenry C. Allen (1836 – 1909) was an American homeopath & he founded the Hering Medical College and Hospital.

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For dark-haired persons, lithic or sycotic diathesis. Great emaciation: skin becomes shriveled or lies in folds (Abrot., Iod., Nat. m., Sanic.). Headache and periosteal pains generally from mercury, syphilis or suppressed gonorrhoea. In children; face like old people; enlarged abdomen; dry, flabby skin (Bar. c., Op.). Herpetic eruptions on all parts of body; ulcers, after abuse of mercury, in syphillis. Rash from exposure to open air; dry, itch-like eruptions, prone to appear in spring; become crusty. Severe, almost unbearable pain at conclusion of urination (Berb., Equis., Med., Thuja). Passage of gravel or small calculi; renal colic; stone in bladder; bloody urine. Urine: bright and clear but irritating; scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy, copious, passed without sensation (Caust.); deposits white sand. Painful distention and tenderness in bladder; urine dribbles while sitting, standing, passes freely; air passes from urethra. Sand in urine or on diaper; child screams before and while passing it (Bor., Lyc.). Gonorrhoea checked by cold, wet weather, or mercury, followed by rheumatism. Neuralgia or renal colic; excruciating pains from right kidney downwards (Lyc.). Intolerable stench on genital organs; fluid pollutions; bloody seminal emission (Led., Mer.). Retraction of nipples; nipples are small, withered, unexcitable (Sil.). Rheumatism, bone pains after mercury or checked gonorrhoea; pains < at night, in damp weather or after taking cold in water. Itching eruption on forehead during menses (Eug. j., Sang., Psor.). Rhagades: skin cracked on hands and feet; pain and burning particularly on sides of fingers and toes; skin hard, indurated.

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