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Kreosotum | Materia Medica by E. B. Nash

Kreosotum | Materia Medica by E. B. Nash

Dr. E. B. Nash
Dr. E. B. Nash

Eugene Beauharnais “E. B.” Nash (8 March 1838 – 6 November 1917) was one of America’s leading 19th-century homeopaths.

Born in Hillsdale, New York, Nash graduated from Cleveland Homoeopathic Medical College in 1874. He served as Professor of Materia Medica in the New York Homeopathic Medical College, and also taught at the Homoeopathic Hospital of London.

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Cholera infantum; profuse vomiting; cadaverous smelling stools.

Hemorrhagic diathesis; small wound bleeds profusely (PHOS.).

Acrid, foetid, decomposed, mucous secretions; sometimes ulcerating, bleeding, malignant.

Gums painful, dark red or blue; teeth decay as soon as they come.

Sudden urging to urinate or during first sleep, which is very profound.

This curious substance seems to act chiefly upon the mucous membranes, producing profuse and offensive secretions and ulcerations, with greatly depressed vitality. This is especially true of the genital organs of the female. Leucorrhea is putrid, acrid, corrosive, staining the linen yellow. The parts with which the discharge comes in contact itch and burn, while scratching does not relieve but inflames the parts. This remedy has a tendency to haemorrhages, which are often very obstinate. The haemorrhages occur with leucorrheal trouble; they are intermittent, will almost stop, then freshen up again and again. This is often the case with the lochia after confinement, when the choice may lie between these three remedies, KREOSOTE, RHUS TOX. and SULPHUR. The other symptoms must decide between them. This ulceration may be found in cancer of the uterus, and then KREOSOTE will often be of great value. I have no doubt that many cases which degenerate into cancer might be prevented by its timely use. In some cases there is awful burning in the pelvis, as of red-hot coals, with discharge of clots in foul smelling blood. I see that Guernsey recommends it in cancer of the mammas, saying it is hard, bluish-red and covered with scurvy protuberances. I have never so used it, but in corrosive leucorrhoeas and ulcerations I have with great satisfaction. I generally use it in the 200th, with simply tepid water injections for cleanliness.

There is perhaps no remedy that has a more decided action upon the gums (not even MERCURY) than this one. It is not used often enough in painful dentition. The gums are VERY PAINFUL, swell, look dark-red or blue, and the teeth DECAY ALMOST AS SOON AS THEY ARE BOM. A child that has a mouth full of decayed teeth, with spongy, painful gums, will find its best friend in KREOSOTE. Cholera infantum in such children is of common occurrence, and is of a very severe type, for the vomiting is incessant and the stools cadaverous smelling. Never forget KREOSOTE in cholera infantum, which seems to arise from painful dentition, or in connection with it, for I have seen some of the finest effects ever witnessed from any remedy from this one.

I have used it here also in the 200th. KREOSOTE is also one of our best remedies in other kinds of vomiting; in the vomiting of pregnancy and in that other intractable disease of the stomach, known as gastromalacia. I do not know any characteristic indication for it here; but should I find the troubles before mentioned, in part or whole, such as corrosive leucorrhoea, or the haemorrhages, or a general haemorrhagic tendency, SMALL WOUNDS INCLINED TO BLEED PROFUSELY (like LACHESIS and PHOSPHORUS), I would feel confident of KREOSOTE.

KREOSOTE has strong characteristics in regard to urination.

First, it has copious pale urine.

Second, they can’t go QUICK enough, the URGING is so great or sudden. (PETROSELINUM.)

Third, the child wets the bed during first sleep, which is VERY PROFOUND, can hardly wake it. (SEPIA.)

Can only urinate when lying. (ZINC. MET., only when sitting bent back.)

To recapitulate. BAD TEETH AND GUMS “from way back,” FCETID CORROSIVE DISCHARGES; GREAT DEBILITY and HAEMORRHAGIC TENDENCY, should always call to mind this remedy.

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