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Apium Virus | Materia Medica by Carroll Dunham

Homeopathy Materia Medica by Dr. Carroll Dunham
Homeopathy Materia Medica by Dr. Carroll Dunham

Dr. Dunham (1828-1877) graduated from Columbia University with Honours in 1847. In 1850 he received M.D. degree at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York.

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Apium Virus

Apisinum Ophthalmia; angina ; erysipelas ; diarrhoea; dysentery; cholera infantum; urticaria; haematuria; dropsy; intermittent fever; hydrocephalus; each accompanied by the characteristic absence of thirst and by drowsiness.


SENSORIUM. Cannot collect nor direct his thoughts. Confusion of the head, especially just about the eyes.

HEAD. Feeling as if too full; it appears too large. Heaviness, aching-pressing, especially on rising from ‘a sitting or lying posture ; worse in a warm room, better by pressure with the hand. Pains in the head, extending to the eyes ; extending over the eyes ; around the eyes. During the headache, photophobia.

EYES. Itching, burning, stinging in the eyes ; lachrymation, redness; shooting, stinging pains and burning. Photophobia; lids swollen and agglutinated, and the seat of itching, stinging, burning pains.

Watery erysipelatous swelling around the eye.

EARS. Stinging and burning ; sensitive to noise.

NOSE. Sneezing. Swelling and stinging of the nose; dryness and swelling.

FACE. Face pale ; also livid ; feeling of fullness ; tension and swelling.

LIPS. Swelling and soreness and stinging; the swelling extends to the face, etc.

MOUTH. Tongue as if scalded, especially on the edges. Vesicles along the edges, especially the left, with burning, rawness and stitches. Tongue dry, fiery red, burning, sticking and swelling. Tongue coated, with diarrhoea. Mouth, fauces and throat dry. The surface is sensitive, as if scalded. The saliva is tenacious and frothy.

THROAT. Pressure in the roof of the pharynx, as from a hard body.

Sticking, itching and contraction in the throat, hindering deglutition. As if raw in the throat, with tenacious saliva when hawking. Burning, smarting, sticking in the throat, especially when swallowing. Tonsils red, swollen, painful, smarting.

STOMACH. Loss of appetite. Absence of thirst, with dropsy. During the heat the throat is dry. Eructations, with water-brash and taste of food, worse after drinking water. Disgust, nausea with vertigo, fainting, prostration even to vomiting, with headache, swelling of the head, pain in the stomach and diarrhoea. Pressure in the stomach, prickings as with needles, and extreme sensitiveness to pressure.

ABDOMEN. Throbbing, boring over the left osileum, lessened by eructation. Rumbling, sense of nausea in the abdomen. Internal sense of rawness; external tenderness to pressure (cannot bear clothes). Abdomen full, sensitive to pressure; the feet swell ; the urine is scanty.

STOOL. Sensation as if diarrhoea were coming; urgency, pressure, tenesmus. Every morning, soft stool, light yellow. Diarrhoea yellow, watery, slimy, without pain, especially in the morning. Offensive diarrhoea, tenesmus, blood, also mucus. Heat and throbbing in the rectum, and feeling as if the rectum were full and stopped. Thin, yellow stools, with the greatest prostration and weakness; the stool comes with every motion of the body, as though the anus stood open.

(Verified in the case of Dr. B. Dysentery. 1870.)

Electric shocks in the rectum before disposition to stool. Rawness in the anus, with diarrhoea. Insupportable itching, with swelling, shooting, boring pains in haemorrhoids; a bloody oozing, with swelling of the anus.

URINE. Little or none. Frequent desire ; scanty and high colored. Burning in the urethra (when the urine is scanty).

GENITALS. Pain in the ovarian region, as if dislocated ; tender to pressure ; cuttings in the left side, then in the right; drawings, shootings and bearing down. Bearing down in the uterine region, as if the menses would appear. Swelling of the labia. The menses are interrupted for a day, then re-appear again and again.

RESPIRATION. Hoarseness. Larynx sensitive to pressure; throat rough and dry. Tickling in the throat-pit, producing evening cough ; cough before midnight; after lying down and sleeping; better by expectoration. Respiration slow, difficult; the throat constricted. Worse by motion, going upstairs, and walking ; soreness under the ribs, with heat, headache and drowsiness ; cannot bear a hot room; chest full; must sit up. Pain in the left side near the sternum. Shootings in the left side. Pain in the region of the heart, shooting and impeding respiration. Pulse full and strong, or small and rapid.

TRUNK AND EXTERNALLY. Stiffness of the loins. Drawing pains in the shoulders, beginning in the shoulder and extending to the finger-ends. Numbness, especially of the left arm. Burning, shooting and stinging in the hands. Redness, heat, swelling. Itching, burning and chapping. Drawing pain through the leg from the hip to the toes. Aching and swelling of the knee. The feet swell, are heavy, stiff, painful, swollen; and itch as if they had been swollen. They are sensitive to the least pressure.

DISPOSITION. Irritable and restless; weak and trembling. Weakness in paroxysms, with vertigo. Fainting, with pallor, coldness and diarrhoea.

SLEEP. Yawning, and great desire for sleep. Sleep restless, full of dreams. Dreams of cares and trouble. Long sleep in the morning.

FEVER. Shaking chill, with urticaria after heat. Slight shiverings on the least movement while sitting in the evening; with headache, heat of the face and hands. Shivering increased by warmth ; followed by heat and cough.

Dr. G. gives indications for Apis in intermittent : Chill at four p. M., increased by warmth; renewed chilliness from slight movement; heat of the face and hands. No sweat. Falls into a deep sleep.

SKIN. Heat and redness in the evening and at night, with excitement, headache and diarrhoea, swellings and cough.

Itching, like prickling of needles, as from insects, recurring on every motion. Burning, itching, stinging. Bright red swelling, with red streaks, along the limbs. Skin swollen, pale or red, puffed. Flat swellings, with stinging, red or pale.

Nettle-rash. Oedema. Dropsical swelling.

GENERAL. Warmth aggravates ; cold relieves. Burning and stinging. Sensibility to external touch and pressure. Drowsiness. Thirstlessness.



Diphtheria, patches gray; great debility; puffy eyelids, and swollen feet ; drowsiness.

Hydrocephalus. Meningitis tuberculosis of children. ” Child lies in a torpor; delirium ; sudden shrill, piercing cries; squinting; grinding teeth; boring the head in the pillow; one half of the body twitching, the other paralyzed; head wet from sweating ; scanty urine.

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