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Aethusa Cynapium. | Materia Medica by Adolf zur Lippe

Homeopathy Materia Medica by Adolf zur Lippe
Homeopathy Materia Medica by Adolf zur Lippe

Materia Medica by Dr. Adolf zur Lippe
Adolf zur Lippe (1812 – 1888) was a German homeopathic physician & a professor in the Homeopathic College of Pennsylvania.

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Aethusa Cynapium.

Mind and Disposition.

Bad humor, irritability, especially in the afternoon, and in the open air.




Giddiness, with sleepiness.

[5] Stitches and pulsations in the head.

Heaviness in the forehead.

Heat rises to the head ; the body becomes warmer ; the face becomes red and the giddiness ceases.

Sensation, as if both sides of the head were in a vice.


Eyes brilliant and protruding.

[10] Pupils dilated and insensible.


Stitches in the ears, especially in the right ear, as if something hot were streaming from it.


Tearing in the face, in the malar bones.


Sensation of constriction, preventing deglutition.

Stinging in the throat, between the acts of deglutition.


[15] Taste sweetish, especially in the morning, when awaking.


Violent vomiting (in children) of curdled milk ; of green mucus.

Violent vomiting, with diarrhoea-green mucus, or (in children) bloody substances.


Sensation of coldness in the abdomen.

Black bluish swelling of the abdomen.


[20] Loose stools, preceded by cutting in the abdomen, with tenesmus in the morass, after rising.

Diarrhoea-discharges green, thin, bilious, with violent tenesmus.

Bloody stools.


Sensation, as if the small of the back were in a vice.


Epileptic spasms, with clenched thumb, red face, eyes turned downwards, pupils fixed, dilated, foam at the mouth, jaws locked, small, hard and quick pulse.

[25] Spasms, with stupor and delirium.


Sleepiness all day ; sometimes better in the open air.


Coldness, stiffness and rigor of the limbs.

Sensation of parts, as if they were in a vice (head, small of back).

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