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What is Mental Benefits of Arnica Montana ??

Mentally Benefits of Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana benefits in mental problems like traumatism of grief due to financial loss, due to remorse or sudden realization of any unexpected matters.

Rage. Peevish, wilful, quarrelsome mood. Anger, followed by screaming and weeping.

Great fear and restlessness. Distraction and inability to think.

Nervous people mind is great sensitiveness also anxiety and restlessness.

Over-excitement and excessive moral sensibility.

Depression of spirits and absence of mind.

Absence of ideas

Oversensitive. Refuses to reply to anything.

Indifference to business. Apprehension and Despair.

Indifference so can not perform continuous active work. Morose, Delirious.

Unconsciousness. Lachrymose humor.

Foolish gaiety, levity, and mischievousness.

Says there is nothing the matter with him. Wants to be let alone. Agoraphobia (fear of space). After mental strain or shock.

What is Mental Benefits of Arnica Montana ??

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