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What is RUBBIN’S Test ??


The underlying principale lies with the fact that the cervical canal is in continuity with the peritoneal cavity through the tubes. As such, entry of or CO2 into the peritoneal cavity when pushed transcervically under pressure, gives evidence of tubal patency.

When to be done this RUBBIN’S Test ??

It should be done in the post-menstrual phase at least 2 days after stoppage of menstrual bleeding.

Limitation of RUBBIN’S Test:

It should not be done in the presence of pelvic infection.

Observations of RUBBIN’S Test:

  • The patency of the tube is confirmed by:
    • fall in the pressure when raised beyond 120 mm Hg,
    • hissing sound heard on auscultation on either illiac fossa and
    • shoulder pain experienced by the patient ( irritation of the diaphragm by the air).


In about one-third of cases, it gives false-nagetive findings due to cornual spasm. It also cannot identify the side and site of the block in the tube. As such, it is inferior to other methods of tubal study. This test is not commonly done these days.


DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology

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