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Phenacetinum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke


Phenacetinum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

Para-acetphenatidine. C6H4OC2H5NHC2H3O.

Clinical : Cyanosis. Face, eruption on. Fevers. Headache. Perspiration, excessive. Typhoid fever. Uraemia.

Characteristics : Phenacet. belongs to the Aniline group, and was introduced into old-school practice as a remedy in febrile states and neuralgias, free from the dangers of Antfeb., Antipyr., Exalg., &c. Though not so dangerous as these, it is not free from ill effects. These have been well summed up by F. G. Oehme (H. R., xv. 506), and I have put them in Schema form, and added a symptom observed by myself on a young lady who had taken Phenacet. for headaches: A circumscribed rash on both cheeks which came out red, lasted four days and then peeled, and as soon as it was clear the process was repeated. I tried many remedies with varying success, but it finally disappeared under Alm. 30, one powder at bedtime.


1. Mind : Anxiety.

2. Head : Vertigo, faintness.-Headache and flushed face.

3. Eyes : Å’dema of lower lids and fingers.

4. Ears : Permanent deafness.

6. Face : Circumscribed, erythematous, exfoliating eruption on both cheeks; fading away and recurring for several weeks (finally cured with Alm. 30).

11. Stomach : Nausea; epigastric pains.

14. Urinary Organs : Large doses may cause uraemia.-Frequent urination at night (cured in two cases).

17. Respiratory Organs : Dyspnoea.

19. Heart : Decrease of cardiac vigour; pulse slow, almost imperceptible.

24. Generalities : Severe cyanosis, esp. of limbs, chilliness, nausea, epigastric pains, faintness, vertigo.-Trembling from nervous excitement.-Weakness and numbness of whole body, cold perspiration, collapse.

25. Skin : Febrile exanthema; patches profusely scattered on limbs, scanty on trunk; disappearing on pressure, headache, flushed face (from five grains daily).

26. Sleep : Incessant yawning; drowsiness.

27. Fever : Chilliness.-Sweating; frequently profuse in low states of the system.

Phenacetinum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

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