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Kali Silicatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Kali Silicatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

The silicate of potassium is a very deep acting remedy. Some of the symptoms are worse or come on in the morning, a few in the forenoon and afternoon, many in the evening, and very many in the NIGHT, and especially AFTER MIDNIGHT. Aversion to the open air and worse from the open air and from draughts. He dreads bathing and is worse from bathing. HE IS SENSITIVE TO COLD WEATHER AND WORSE FROM BECOMING COLD; after becoming cold complaints come on; worse in cold room and in dry, cold weather; cold, wet weather also makes him worse. He takes cold easily. After eating complaints are all worse; worse after slight exertion. Faintness, EMACIATION. He is worse after COLD DRINKS, cold food, milk and fat food. Creeping feelings all over the body, but especially in the limbs. Induration in glands and muscles. His painful parts are very sensitive to a jar. Lassitude is very marked and quite constant. DESIRE TO LIE DOWN all the time. After straining muscles the weakness lasts long. He dreads to move or walk and he is worse from motion.

Mucous secretions all increased. The blood surges from the body to the head. Stitching, tearing pains are numerous; he suffers if the perspiration is suppressed from a draft, or from insufficient clothing; he is worse from pressure and very sensitive to touch.

Pulsation in head and limbs; stiffness all over the body and in the limbs; he trembles all over, especially in abdomen; twitching of muscles. Symptoms all WORSE FROMUNCOVERING THE BODY; worse walking and from walking fast. Great weakness in the morning on waking, also in the evening; also after eating and after walking.WEARINESS. Worse in winter, in cold weather and better in summer.

Absent minded and becomes angered over trifles; anxiety in the evening, in bed and during the night; anxiety in the evening, in bed and during the night; anxiety with fear; anxiety after eating, about his health; during menses, about trifles, capriciousness. It is a very useful remedy for children in school when they can not learn their lessons. Difficult concentration of mind; he has lost confidence in his own ability. Confusion of mind in the morning on arising, in the evening, AFTER MENTAL EXERTION, while sitting. Consolation aggravates the mental symptoms; contrary and cowardly. His mind is full of imaginations; about dead people; illusions of fancy; sees images in the night; sees frightful images; sees ghosts and thieves. He is discontented and discouraged. Dullness of mind when reading and writing; in the morning on waking. Much excitement. Mental exertion aggravates many symptoms. Fear with anxiety; fear and dread of work; easily frightened; forgetful and heedless, which looks like approaching imbecility; many hysterical manifestations. He is very impatient, and indifferent to his friends and to pleasure; he takes pleasure in nothing. IRRESOLUTION. He seems not to care how things go, one way is as good as another. Has no opinions on prevailing questions. Extremely irritable; worse in morning and evening; WORSE AFTER COITION; worse from any attempt to console him. Memory very feeble; mistakes in speaking and writing; misplaces words. He is very obstinate and his moods are constantly changing. MENTAL PROSTRATION. Great restlessness during the night. Very sad in the morning. Seems at times to lose his senses. At times he is very sensitive to noises. It is a very useful remedy where these symptoms have been brought on by sexual excesses. Wants to sit still or sit around and do nothing; VERY INDOLENT. Startled easily, from fright; from noise, on falling asleep, when touched. WONDERFUL TIMIDITY. Indisposed to conversation. Talking in sleep. Weeping much; weeping evening and night; weeping in sleep. Will power feeble; aversion to mental work.

Vertigo morning, afternoon, evening; inclination to fall backwards; vertigo during headache, as if intoxicated; must lie down; vertigo with nausea; objects seem to turn in a circle; vertigo almost constant; while rising, WHILE SITTING, WHILE STOOPING, while walking, while walking in open air. Coldness of the head, of vertex; the head is sensitive to cold and must be covered. Boiling sensation in the brain; anaemia of the brain; congestion of head at night on coughing; constriction of the scalp, especially of the forehead. Eruptions in margin of the hair, back of head, moist-like eczema; fullness of the head and the hair falls out; heat in the whole head; worse in forehead; heaviness in the forehead in the morning; sensation of movements in the head. Pain in the head MORNING, afternoon, evening, NIGHT; AFTER MIDNIGHT; pain WORSE IN COLD AIR and from a draft;AFTER COITION; from head becoming cold; from coryza; after eating; when hungry; from being overheated; WORSE FROM A JAR; from light; from MENTAL EXERTION; from motion; from motion of head or eyes; from noise; during menses. Compelled to lie down. APPLIED HEAT RELIEVES. The pains are pulsating, periodical and paroxysmal. Headache came on from sexual excesses; worse after sleep; from stepping heavily; FROM STOOPING and from STRAINING THE EYES. The pain is violent, worse from touch and when walking; WRAPPING UP THE HEAD RELIEVES. Pain in forehead daytime, morning, AFTERNOON, evening, night, above the eyes; pain in occiput; pain in sides of head, worse on right side; pain in temples. Boring pain in forehead; bruised pain in whole head; bursting pain in forehead; drawing pains in whole head and in FOREHEAD; pressing pains; pains pressing outward; pressing in forehead, OUTWARD, OVER EYES, occiput, temples and vertex; shooting pains in forehead and occiput; STITCHING PAINS IN HEAD, forehead, occiput, sides of head and temples; stunning pains in head; tearing pains in head, forehead, occiput, sides of occiput, SIDES OF HEAD, TEMPLES and vertex. Perspiration of whole scalp; perspiration of forehead. Pulsating in the head, in forehead. Shaking or trembling sensation in the brain; uncovering the head in cool air brings on many symptoms.

The eyelids are stuck together in the morning. Cataract has been cured by this remedy. Discharges yellow and thick; dryness in the eyes; eczema around the eyes and in the eyebrows; the eyes feel hot; inflammation of the eyes, of the conjunctiva, of the lids; psoric complaints of the eyes; infected blood vessels; lachrymation in cold air. It has cured opacity of the cornea. Pain in the eyes, right most affected, better by warmth; the pains are BURNING, PRESSING, STITCHING, tearing; pain as if sand in eyes. It has cured paralysis of the optic nerve. Photophobia marked in daylight; redness of the eyes; spots on the cornea; staring, swollen lids; ulceration of the cornea; weak eyes. In the field of vision there are many colors, FLOATING SPOTS and black flies; dark colors, yellow. Dim vision. DAZZLING. Complaints from EXERTION OF VISION; flickering before the eyes; thinks he is going blind; sparks before the eyes and weak vision. Discharge from ear, bloody, offensive, purulent, THICK YELLOW. Scurfy eruption behind the ear; flapping sensation in the ears; the ears are hot; inflammation in the middle ear; intense itching deep in the ears; noises in ears with dizziness; flapping sounds, ringing,ROARING. Pain in ear, mostly right, better by warmth; pain behind the ear and deep in the ear; aching, boring, cramping pain; drawing, STITCHING, TEARING; drawing and tearing behind the ear. Pulsating pain deep in the ear; the ear feels stopped; ulceration in the ear. Hearing is acute for noise, later impaired. It has cured deafness from catarrh of the eustachian tubes and the middle ear.

Catarrh of the nose and posterior nares in chilly people who are weak and want to keep still and rest; very offensive discharge, offensive breath in syphilitic subjects; the discharge is bloody, crusty, acrid, GREENISH, purulent, thick, yellow. He is subject to frequent coryzas as he is taking cold constantly. Dryness in the nose; bleeding of the nose on blowing it; itching deep in the nose where many crusts form; the nose is constantly obstructed; pain in the nose, and in the bones of the nose; great soreness in nose; burning pain in nose. Smell acute, later diminished, finally lost. Frequent violent sneezing; the nose is greatly swollen; much swelling inside of nose; ulceration in the nose.

Discoloration of the face; bluish, red, pale; circumscribed red cheeks; the face is jaundiced; the lips are cracked and dry; face looks sickly and drawn with SUFFERING expression. The face, chin, lips, upper lip, around the mouth, nose, extending down on the neck, covered with moist eczema. She was a sight to look upon and her friends all shunned her; she was comfortable only when in a very hot room. Herpes and pimples on the face. Indurated parotid gland; inflammation of the parotid gland. Itching of the face; drawing, stitching, tearing pain in the face; much sweat on the face; swelling of the cheeks, lips, parotid and submaxillary glands; ulceration of the lips; hard crust continues to form on the under lip.

Dry mouth without thirst; bleeding gums and white tongue; apthae in the mouth; copious mucus forms in the mouth; odor from mouth offensive. The tongue is very sore, copious saliva flows into the mouth; swollen gums and tongue ; taste is bad, bitter in the morning, bloody, sour.

Sensation of dryness in the throat with copious mucus; sensation of a lump in the throat; pain in the throat on swallowing; stitching pain in throat on swallowing; burning, rawness and soreness in the throat; much swelling in the throat and tonsils and swallowing is difficult. Swelling of cervical gland.

Sensation of anxiety in the stomach with aversion to food and especially to meat; ravenous appetite; appetite entirely lost; sensation of coldness in stomach; most troublesome eructations, worse after eating; bitter, empty sour, waterbrash; eructations ameliorate the stomach symptoms; heart-burn and fullness of the stomach; hiccough and weight in the stomach. Loathing of food. Nausea after eating and during headache; nausea with dizziness. Pain in the stomach at night, after eating; the pains in stomach are cutting, burning, cramping, gnawing, PRESSING and stitching; sore, bruised feeling in stomach; pressing in stomach after eating; pulsating in stomach after eating; retching when coughing. Sensation of tightness in stomach from flatulence. Thirst during chilliness and during fever; extreme thirst. Vomiting night and morning; of bile, of food, mucus and watery fluid; vomiting on coughing, after drinking COLD WATER, AFTER EATING, and during headache.

The abdomen is distended after eating with obstructed flatulence; fullness, hardness and heaviness in abdomen; great heat in abdomen; pain in abdomen at night, during cough, after eating, before and during menses, after stool; warmth ameliorates. Pain in right hypochondrium, in the hypogastrium, in the inguinal region and in the liver; the pains in the abdomen are burning, cramping, CUTTING, PRESSING, STITCHING and TEARING; pressing and stitching pains in the liver. Rumbling and tightness in the abdomen.CONSTIPATION WITH VERY DIFFICULT STOOL; difficult soft stool; insufficient stool. Constipation during menses. Stool dry, HARD, KNOTTY, LARGE, light colored. Diarrhoea in the morning and at night; painful diarrhoea during menses, with stool bloody, frequent, offensive, purulent, watery; dysentery with scanty mucus, purulent and bloody stool; constriction of the anus. It has cured fistula in ano. Passing flatus ameliorates; formication of the anus. Hemorrhoids that protrude, ulcerate and bleed; inactivity of the rectum; itching of the anus after stool; ineffectual urging of stool; pain in anus during stool; burning during and after stool; burning after a hard stool. CUTTING, pressing, sticking, stitching, pains in the anus; tenesmus, EXTREME SORENESS in the anus.

Catarrh of the bladder. The urine is cloudy, red, copious or scanty, with much mucous sediment; pressing pain in the bladder; urging to urinate; night, constant, frequent, ineffectual; the urine dribbles; urination frequent during the night; feeble stream; he cannot quite empty the bladder; slow in starting; he feels that he has not finished; involuntary at night. Burning in the urethra during urination.

Erections in the morning and during the night, painful, even violent, without desire; induration of the testes; itching of the scrotum; SEMINAL EMISSIONS. Sexual desire at first increased, then diminished, later lost; swelling of the testes.

Eruptions and itching of the vulva; leucorrhea, EXCORIATING and YELLOW; worse after the menses. Menses bright red, copious, FREQUENTINTERMITTENT, LATE,OFFENSIVE, painful, pale, scanty, short, SUPPRESSED; metrorrhagia between the menstrual periods; dragging down feeling in the pelvis; burning in the genitals; labor-like pains at the menstrual period; soreness in the genitals; prolapsus of the uterus.

Catarrh of the air passages; irritation of the larynx and trachea; much mucus in the air passages and especially in the larynx; scraping in the larynx, tickling in the larynx and trachea. The voice is hoarse and rough. It is a very useful remedy in asthma. Difficult breathing from exertion, while lying and when coughing; rattling in the chest; short, suffocative, whistling breathing; cough in daytime, morning, forenoon, evening and most severe and constant during the night; cough worse after eating, during fever, lying; the cough is asthmatic and suffocative, racking and spasmodic; dry cough during the night; hacking cough during the night; cough from irritation in larynx and trachea; cough from tickling in the larynx and trachea; the cough is violent, spasmodic and paroxysmal, like whooping cough. Expectoration in the morning, bloody, copious, greenish, mucus,PURULENT, putrid-looking, tough, VISCIDYELLOW.

CATARRH OF THE CHEST; abscess of the lungs; abscess of the axilla. Tightness of the chest. Dropsy of the pleura. Hollow sensation in chest; hemorrhage of the lungs; chronic inflammation of bronchial tubes; weight on the chest; pain in chest during cough on deep inspiration; pain in the sides of chest on deep inspiration; burning, pressing, stitching pains. Rawness on coughing, soreness in chest, stitching on coughing and on inspiring, extending to back; stitching in sides of chest on breathing; stitching in mammae; tearing pain in the walls of the chest. Palpitation on excitement and on slight exertion. It has been a most useful remedy in phthisis. Swelling in the axillary glands. Feeling of great weakness of the chest much like stannum.

The back feels cold. Itching of the back. Pain in the back DURING MENSES, while sitting and when stooping; pain in the back of the neck, between the scapulae, in theLUMBAR REGION and in the sacrum; pain in coccyx; the whole spine is painful. Aching in lumbar region and sacrum; burning in the lumbar region; drawing pain in cervical region, lumbar region and sacrum; pressing pain in lumbar region. The whole spine is sore, stitching pains in scapulae, LUMBAR REGION and sacrum; tearing in the cervical region; stiffness of the neck; tension in the back; weakness in the lumbar region.

The hands are chapped in cold weather; the hands and feet are cold; cramps in hands and calf. There are vesicular eruptions on the hands; pimples on the lower limbs; many eruptions on the thighs. Felons on the fingers. The hands are hot. Marked heaviness of the lower limbs, legs and feet. HIP JOINT DISEASE. Itching of upper limbs, hands and palms; itching of lower limbs, thighs and legs. Jerking of the muscles of lower limbs; numbness upper limbs, hands and fingers; numbness of lower limbs, legs and feet. Pain in limbs during chill, better by warmth. Rheumatic pains in limbs; hard pain in the joints; gouty pains in joints; pains in shoulder and fingers, in hips, thighs and knees; pain in the sciatic nerve. Aching in the legs; burning soles; drawing pains in limbs; upper limbs, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hands, fingers, lower limbs, thighs, knee, leg, ankles, feet; pressing pains in thighs; sore, bruised pain in all the limbs; upper limbs, lower limbs, hip, leg; sprained feeling in all the joints; stitching pains in all the limbs and in the joints, stitching in shoulder, upper arm, wrist, hand, fingers; stitching in thighs, knees, legs ankle, FOOTHEEL, toes, first toe; tearing pains in all the limbs and joints; tearing in shoulders, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, fingers, finger joints; tearing in hip, thigh, knee, leg, calf, ankles, foot, soles, toes, first toe; paralysis of upper and LOWERLIMBS. Sweat of palms; profuse, cold, OFFENSIVE sweat of feet and between the toes. Stiffness of the joints, shoulders, knees; swelling of feet, legs and knees; tension in the knees and calves; trembling of all the limbs, of hands and legs; twitching of all the limbs, THIGHS. Ulcers on the legs; weakness of the joints, thigh, knee and ankles.

Dreams ANXIOUS; of dead people; of death; events of the previous day; horrible, fantastic, fire, FRIGHTFUL, ghosts, nightmare, visionary, vivid, of water. Sleep is restless, sleepiness in the afternoon, EVENING, after dinner. Sleepless before midnight, after midnight, after 2 a. m., with sleepiness. Sleeplessness from thinking, after waking. Waking frequently and too early; frequent yawning.

Chill morning, forenoon, noon, afternoon, evening, night, in open air, in cold air, in a draft of air; chilliness in evening in bed, after eating; chill external and internal, worse from motion; chilliness with pain; ONESIDED CHILL; shaking chill in the evening; better in a warm room; external heat ameliorates.Fever afternoon, evening and during the night, alternating with sweat; dry heat, external heat; flushes of heat; perspiration absent; NIGHT SWEATS. Perspiration morning, daytime and DURING NIGHT. Perspiration during and after eating, from slight exertion, from motion; PROFUSE AT NIGHT; sweat during sleep; offensive while walking. If perspiration is checked in cool air, many complaints come on. Burning after scratching; old scars become painful.

The skin is cold much of the time. The skin cracks; discoloration of the skin; blotches, liver spots, red spots, yellow skin; dry skin, dry, burning skin with inability to perspire. Blisters on the skin; burning eruptions; chafing skin; desquamating eruptions; eruptions moist and eruptions dry. It has cured most stubborn cases of eczema where sulphur and graphites seemed indicated and failed. Herpes that burn and are corrosive, scabby and itch and sting; eruptions that are painful, itching and spreading; itching pimples and pustules; scabby eruptions after scratching; scaly eruptions dry or moist; smarting after scratching; stinging after scratching; NODULAR URTICARIA. Vesicular eruptions; excoriation after scratching. Erysipelas. Indurations in the skin. INTERTRIGO. Itching, burning, crawling, smarting and stinging after scratching. It has cured lupus. Moisture of the skin after scratching, he scratches the skin until it is moist or bleeds; sore sensation of the skin. After scratching, the skin is swollen and burns, looks oedematous; sensation of tension in the skin; ulcerative pain in the skin. The ulcers that form upon the skin are characterized by BLEEDING, burning, spreading, pulsating, smarting and suppurating; ulcers are very indolent; the discharge from ulcers is bloody, copious, ichorous and thin. Tearing pain in the ulcers. Injuries and small wounds of the skin refuse to heal and suppurate. Warts that are painful, stinging, suppurating and withered.

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