FEVER | Homeopathy Medicine and Treatments for FEVER


FEVER | Homeopathy Medicine and Treatments for FEVER

What is FEVER ?

Fever’ implies an elevated core body temperature of more than
38.0°C (p. 138). Fever is a response to cytokines and acute
phase proteins (pp. 65 and 70), and occurs in infections and in
non-infectious conditions.

Clinical assessment of FEVER : The differential diagnosis is very broad so clinical features are
used to guide the most appropriate investigations. The systematic
approach described on page 216 should be followed. Box 11.1
describes the assessment of elderly patients.

Investigations For Fever

  1. If the clinical features do not suggest a specific infection, then
  2. initial investigations should include:
  3. • a full blood count (FBC) with differential, including
  4. eosinophil count
  5. • urea and electrolytes, liver function tests (LFTs), blood
  6. glucose and muscle enzymes
  7. • inflammatory markers, erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  8. (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP)
  9. • a test for antibodies to HIV-1 (p. 310)
  10. • autoantibodies, including antinuclear antibodies (ANA)
  11. • chest X-ray and electrocardiogram (ECG)
  12. • urinalysis and urine culture
  13. • blood culture (p. 106)
  14. • throat swab for culture or polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Homeopathy Medicine for Fever

  1. Aconite Nap : Fever. Surface cold, sweating, and quite pale.-Intense coldness.-Head and face became suddenly warm; warmth extended over rest of body, was more intense in region of stomach, and was accompanied by sweat.
  2. Belladonna : Fever. Coldness over the entire body, with paleness of face, or coldness of the extremities, with bloatedness and redness of the face.-Shiverings and partial shuddering, chiefly in the back or the pit of the stomach, or in one arm, and sometimes with heat in other parts, chiefly in the head, or followed by universal shivering.-Cold limbs, with hot head.-Chilliness not relieved by the heat of the stove.-Continuous dry, burning heat, with perspiration only on the head.-Internal heat with restlessness; hot forehead and cold cheeks.-Dry heat and thirst, and perspiration only on the head and neck (sour-smelling).-The shiverings appear mostly in the evening, sometimes with nausea; bruise-like sensation, and pulling in the back and in the limbs, pricking in the chest and obscuration of the eyes.-Febrile attacks, in which shiverings alternate with heat, or of shiverings followed by heat, with aggravation at night or in the evening, resembling quotidian, or double quotidian, or tertian, with complete adypsia, or burning and inextinguishable thirst.-Dry, burning heat, often with swelling of the veins, pulsation of the carotids, heat, redness and bloatedness of the face, burning thirst, agitation, furious delirium, and shiverings on being even slightly uncovered.-Pulse strong and quick, or full and slow, or small and quick, or hard and wiry.-If slow, the pulse is full.-Pulse full; hard; strong, bounding, double.-Sweat with or after the heat; copious sweat during the night, or in the morning; sweat of the parts that are covered only; ascending from the feet to the head; sweat when asleep; sweat of an empyreumatic smell, or which imparts a yellow colour to the sheets.

FEVER | Homeopathy Medicine and Treatments for FEVER