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Homeopathic Medicine for Colic

Homeopathic Medicine for Colic | Homeopathic Treatment for Colic | Abdominal pain or colic of children

Homeopathic Medicine for Colic

List of Homeopathic Medicine for Colic

Belledona: Belladona is a wonderful homeopathic medicine for colic. Symptoms are sharp pains, suddenly screaming out of children, tendency to bending backward.

Chamomilla: In Chamomilla has emotional colic. Patients are timid, restlessness.

Hot face, red cheeks and hot perspiration.

Colocynth: The pains are atrocious griping, cutting etc. Colocynth patients force himself to bend double, press his or her abdomen firmly, which gives him relief.

Bending foreword.

In emotional colic

The severe pains cause the patient to double up for relief.

Nervous colic griping.

the pain is relieved by bending double, but not from motion, although the severity of the pain may drive the patient to move about.

Aconite: Inflammatory colic, which forces the patient to bend double, without any relief.

Cuprum: Inflammatory colic, with a combination of neurotic with Inflammatory symptoms.

Cyclamen: Flatulent colic arising from wind in the bowels, coming on at night, and relieved only by getting up and walking about.

Opium: Great deal of belching without relief.

Pressure downward on the rectum and bladder.

Bovista: Finds relief from bending double and after eating. Red urine.

Castoreum: Relief from pressure. Nervous colic with pallor, cold sweating along with sudden loss of strength.

Croton Tiglium: Better from warm drinks.

Magnesia Carb.: Draws the limbs up to relieve the colic, frequently relieved by motion.

Staphisagria: In emotional colic

Crampy pains in the abdomen.

Also complementary to Colocynth, stepping in to complete the cure when Colocynth is insufficient.

Veratrum Album: Forces the patient to bend double, but he must walk about for relief. Cold sweat on the forehead.

Colic as if the bowels were twisted abdomen tense. Take time to emission of flatus and the more difficult to pass it.

China: Belching gives but temporary relief. Debility.

Lycopodium: Sour taste with its belching. The flatulence tendency to upwards rather than downwards.

Rhus Tox.: The pain is relieved by bending double and moving about.

Pains tearing down the thing during stool.

Nux Vomica: Pressure either upward toward the chest, producing in-convenience in breathing, or downward towards the rectum and bladder, developing both urging to stool and desire to urinate.

Homeopathic Medicine for Colic

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