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Ferrum Iodatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Ferrum Iodatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Morning, afternoon, EVENINGNIGHT, after midnight. The patient feels better in the open air. Anaemia in a marked degree. General physical anxiety; CHLOROSIS; choreic twitching of the muscles; constantly taking cold; congestion of organs and glands; external and internal dropsy. Symptoms are worse after eating. Emaciation. Markedly worse from exertion. Fainting in anaemic patients. Hemorrhage from many parts. Induration of glands. Lack of physical irritability. Lying down and lying in bed increases many symptoms. Sensation as of lying in a cramped position. Worse before, during and after menses. Motion increases many symptoms; desire to move. Catarrhal condition of all mucous membrances. Orgasm of blood even when quiet; pulsation in body and limbs; on waking from sleep; fast pulse. Many symptoms are worse from touch. The glands are swollen. Walking aggravates many symptoms. Worse from warmth and warm clothing. Weakness from slight exertion; during menses; from walking.

Very irritable and easily angered. Anxiety and aversion to company. Dullness of mind and concentration difficult, worse when reading; confusion of mind in the evening; over-conscientious about small matters; very excitable; hysterical conduct and hilarity; changeable mood; indifference; irresolution; SADNESS. Eestless at night; starting from sleep. Stupefaction. Weeping. Vertigo while walking.

Heat and hyperaemia of the head; heaviness of the head; worse in a warm room; better in the open air; in the forehead. Itching of the scalp. Pain in the head in the morning; in the afternoon; better in the open air and worse in the house; worse coughing; with coryza; worse from the pressure of the hat; compelled to lie down; better lying; before menses; worse moving the head; better from pressure of the hand; PULSATING; worse when reading; worse from smoking; worse from walking; worse from writing; worse in a warm room. Pain in the forehead; worse on the right side, in the evening; better in the open air; better when standing in a draft; worse from coughing, from pressure of the hat, when reading, when writing, from motion, in a warm room, from smoking, above the eyes; above the left eye extending to the top of head. Pain in the occiput; in the sides of head; worse on left side, in temples, in vertex. Cutting pain from bridge of the nose to the occiput. Pressing pain in forehead; worse in right side; worse in a warm room; in temples; in vertex. Sharp pain from below the eyes up through to vertex. Stitching pain in head; in temples. Tearing pain in head. Pulsation in head; forehead; temples.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva, with copious pus when forcibly opened; conjunctiva bluish-red; itching of eyes; lachrymation. Pain in eyes from light; aching, burning of lids; cutting, as from sand; stitching. Photophobia. Protrusion of eyes; exophthalmic goitre. Redness of eyes; bluish-red, of lids; SWOLLEN LIDS. Weak eyes. The eyes are jaundiced. A cloud of sparks before the eyes after breakfast.

Noises in the ears; humming, ringing, ROARING. Cutting pain in ears. Hearing impaired.

Catarrh of the nose; morning; post-nasal discharge bloody, copious; CRUSTS; EXCORIATING, GREENISH, PURULENT, THICK, WATERY, yellow. Fluent coryza, worse in the morning, with copious mucus from larynx. Sensation of dryness in nose. Epistaxis on blowing nose; from coughing. Obstruction of nose; morning, night; better after blowing; cutting pain in root of nose extending to occiput. Sneezing at night. The nose is swollen; ulceration in nose.

The face is PALE, EARTHY, even CHLOROTICRED; circumscribed redness; sallow; sickly; YELLOW. Eczema and vesicles on the face; expression sickly. Countenance Hippocratic; swollen, puffed, bloated face; swollen submaxillary glands.

Bleeding gums. Coated thick, yellow tongue. Dryness in the mouth and throat; burning tongue; salivation; taste bad in the morning; bitter, insipid, metallic, offensive, putrid, like peppermint, sour, sweetish. Pain in the teeth.

Scraping of mucus from throat and nose; viscid mucus. Food seems to push up to throat as though it had not been swallowed; reversed action of aesophagus. Burning and pressing in the throat. Tickling and scraping throat and larynx. Swollen cervical glands. Exophthalmic goitre.

The appetite is variable; diminished, INCREASEDINSATIABLE, ravenous, wanting, without relish of food, easy satiety. Atonic condition of the stomach; aversion to food; to meat. Distension of stomach from gas. Eructations; bitter, after eating; empty, greasy, of food, rancid, sour, violent, waterbrash. Feels as though he had eaten too much, even after small meal. Flushes of heat in the stomach. Heartburn. Heaviness after eating. Loathing of food. Nausea after eating. Pain in stomach: after eating; burning; cramping, after eating; distress with nausea and headache; pressing after eating; soreness in pit of stomach with pinching in back behind stomach. PULSATING in stomach. Tension. Thirst in evening; strong thirst; extreme thirst. VOMITING; on coughing; after drinking; after eating; of blood; of food. A feeling as of a cord drawn, connecting anus and navel, with a cutting pain every time he straightens up from a bent position. Distension of abdomen after food or drink. Enlarged liver and spleen without fever. Flatulence. Fullness or “stuffed” feeling. Heat in abdomen. Pain in abdomen; after eating; during menses; in hypochondria; in inguinal region extending across hypogastrium; in liver; spleen; in umbilicus; cramping before stool; pricking in side of abdomen, worse raising arms and worse walking. Stitching in hypochondria and in inguinal region when walking; soreness in inguinal region when walking. Rumbling in abdomen before stool. Abdomen feels like a rubber ball when pressed; swollen abdomen.

Constipation; no stool for a week, alternating with diarrhoea; difficult stool, ineffectual straining. Constriction of anus. DIARRHOEA; stool frequent; morning; after eating; bloody stool; mucus; watery. Flatus; external piles; itching of anus; sensation as though anus were compressed; as of worms in rectum; as though a screw were boring in anus; crawling in anus; pain in anus; burning after stool. Stitching during hard stool; tenesmus; urging after stool; stool bloody; brown, HARD mucus, scanty, soft, watery.

Urination frequent, involuntary, with tenesmus. Pain in both kidneys but worse in left. Gonorrhceal discharge from urethra; with itching crawling. Burning on urination. Sensation as if drops of urine remained in fassa navicularis and could not be forced out. Urine albuminous and of low specific gravity. It has cured where sugar was found in the urine. Urine: dark, red, copious and pale, scanty, white. URINE SMELLS SWEETISH.

Erections troublesome and painful at night; wanting. Relaxed scrotum. Seminal emissions. Sexual desire increased. In the female it has been used to prevent abortion. Itching and soreness of the swollen vulva. It has cured dropsy of the ovaries. LEUCORRHOEA: acrid, hot, copious, LIKE STARCH; before and after menses; thin and watery; menses absent, copious, too frequent or late, painful, SUPPRESSED. Metrorrhagia. BEARING DOWN FEELING IN THE PELVIS; WHILE SITTING SHE FEELS SOMETHING PUSHING UP. It is a most useful remedy in prolapsus and displacements of all kinds.

Irritation and much mucus in the larynx and trachea. Pain in the larynx; burning. Tickling in the air passage. Hoarseness and aphonia.

Respiration asthmatic; difficult at night and on motion; rattling, short, suffocative, wheezing.

Cough in the morning, afternoon, evening, asthmatic, DRY, during fever, from irritation in larynx and trachea, loose, from motion, short, spasmodic, from talking, from tickling in the air passages. Expectoration in the morning; bloody, COPIOUS, difficult, greenish, hawked, bloody mucus, offensive, purulent, tasting putrid, VISCID, whitish, grayish-white, yellow.

Anxiety in chest and heart. Cancer of right breast was greatly benefited. Catarrh of chest. Congestion of chest and HEART. Hemorrhage of lungs and air passages. Inflammation of bronchial tubes; of lungs. Cardiac murmurs. Oppression of chest. Pain in chest during cough; in sides of chest; in right side, from heart to axilla; stitching on coughing. PALPITATION at NIGHT; FROM LEAST EXERTION; ON MOTION; on rising up; on turning in bed; during sleep.

Pain in the back during menses; in dorsal region; in lumbar region during menses; in sacrum; aching, as if broken, in lumbar region, at night; dull pain in dorsal region, each side of spine; extending through chest; stitching pain in back. Stiffness in back on rising from bed.

Cold hands and feet at night; cramps in feet. Heat of hands; heaviness of limbs; lower limbs; of feet. Numbness of fingers, legs, feet. Pain in the limbs; in the joints; gouty, rheumatic; rheumatic in upper limbs; rheumatic in right upper arm; in elbow, in HIP, in thigh, in right tibia; rheumatic pain extending upward from back of left foot, in evening. Aching in the shoulder. Drawing pain in lower limbs; in the thighs; in tendons of back of right hand and left foot. Sore-bruised lower limbs, thighs, legs, stitching upper limbs and shoulder; tearing upper limbs and hips. Paralysis of upper limbs; sensation of paralysis of shoulder; in right arm in evening when writing. Restless feet. Dropsical swelling in lower limbs; legs and feet. Weakness of limbs, of lower limbs. Trembling and weakness in limbs on using hands and on walking.

Dreams anxious; confused; of dead people; of fighting; of previous events; fantastic; of robbers; nightmare; unpleasant; VIVID. Dreams that he is from thirty to sixty feet tall. Restless sleep. Sleepiness morning and evening. Sleeplessness; frequent waking.

Chill at NIGHT; coldness in and better rising from bed; chilliness in evening followed by heat and sweat; shaking chill; warm room does not ameliorate the chill. Fever in the afternoon and evening with chilliness. Dry heat. Flushes of heat; internal heat, with chill. Intermittent fever with desire to uncover.

Perspiration in the morning; in afternoon; at NIGHT; in bed; CLAMMY, COLD, COPIOUS, on least EXERTION, worse on motion.

The skin burns or is cold; jaundiced; liver spots. Dry skin. Urticaria. Swollen skin.

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