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Ferrum Arsenicum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Ferrum Arsenicum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Complaints in general are aggravated in the morning, on waking; afternoon; evening; night, before midnight, after midnight. Aversion to the open air; aggravation in the open air. General physical anxiety. Chlorosis. Anaemia. Chorea in anaemic subjects. In a general way cold air aggravates, and the patient is very sensitive to cold; aggravation from becoming cold, in a cold room. Takes cold easily. In low vitality from malaria, and inherited phthisis. Epileptiform convulsions; tonic spasms. Blood vessels distended. Internal and external dropsy. Many complaints come on, or are worse after eating. Emaciation. She faints easily. Must select the most digestible foods. Butter disorders his whole system. Cold drinks aggravate, fat food aggravates, sour things aggravate, vinegar aggravates. Sensation of fullness. Subject to hemorrhages. Inflamed parts indurate. Inflammation of glands and organs. Increased physical irritability. Sensitive to jar. Jerking in muscles. Languid and must lie down. After hemorrhage or loss of fluids. Lying aggravates many symptoms. The longer he lies the more restless he becomes; must get up and walk about. Motion aggravates inflamed parts, but ameliorates the patient. Desires to move. Catarrhal conditions. Numbness of hands and feet, and painful parts. Surging of blood in the body and head. Aching in the bones. Drawing, pressing paralytic pains. Sore; bruised; stitching; tearing pains. Periodical complaints. Perspiration gives no relief of symptoms. Plethoric subjects. General pulsation, pulsation in parts, and pulsating pains. This is a deep acting anti-psoric. Most complaints grow worse during rest. It is useful in malaria cases when much quinine has been taken. Relaxation of the whole muscular system, with a sensation of heaviness or weight in the whole body. Physical exertion or running aggravates, but moderate motion ameliorates. Sensitive to pain. Sitting still aggravates. On first sitting down, amelioration. Some complaints come on during sleep, or on waking. Standing still long aggravates. Much swelling of affected parts. Dropsical swelling. Swelling of glands. Trembling. Varicose veins. Walking long causes, weakness. Walking slowly about ameliorates. Walking in the cold air aggravates. Walking fast aggravates. Great general weakness; evening; from malarial influences, or loss of fluids; paralytic weakness, from exertion or walking. Complaints worse in cold weather or winter. Complaints aggravated in cold wind.

Irascible from contradiction. Anxiety at night. Anxiety as if guilty of a crime, with fear, during fever. Mirthful. Concentration difficult. Confusion of mind in the morning on waking; in the evening. Conscientious about trifles. Thinks of death. Discontented. Distraction. Excitable. Fear of a crowd, of death, of some mischief, of people. Forgetful. Hysterical. Indifference. Irresolution. Irritability. Laughing and mirthfulness. Alternating moods, and change of mental symptoms. Obstinate. Quarrelsome. Religious affections of the mind; remorse. RESTLESSNESS at night, driving out of bed. Tossing about the bed, during heat. Extreme sadness, in the evening, when alone. Oversensitive to noise. Serious mood. Stupefaction of mind. Indisposed to talk. It disturbs him to hear people talk. He is sensitive to their voices. Tranquility. Unconscious. Weeping.

Vertigo; tendency to fall, during headache, looking downward, with nausea, on rising up. When walking he staggers, with obscuration of vision.

Sensation of coldness of scalp. Hyperaemia of the brain. Tension of the scalp. Sensation of emptiness in the head. Fullness in the head. The hair falls out. Heat in the head, with cold feet. Flushes of heat in the head. Heaviness of the head, of the forehead. Itching of the scalp. Violent headache; morning, afternoon, evening; aggravated in cold air, ameliorated in open air. Catarrhal headaches. Pain in head during chill. Cold applications ameliorate. Headaches with coryza. Pain when coughing; after eating, HAMMERING HEADACHES. Headache before and during menses; motion of head. Paroxysmal pains. Periodical headaches. Pulsating pains. Riding in a carriage aggravates. Shaking the head aggravates. Sitting aggravates.

Pain in the forehead; worse right side; evening; above the eyes; occiput. Sides of head; right; temples; right side. Temple and forehead. Vertex. Boring in temples. Bursting, Drawing. Pressing outward. Pressing in forehead; temples. Vertex. Soreness. Stitching in temples. Tearing pains. Pulsating in head; forehead, occiput, temples, vertex. Shocks in the brain.

Lids stick together at night. Discharge of mucus from the eyes. Eyes lusterless. Inflammation of the eyes; scrofulous. Bood vessels injected. Lachrymation. Difficult to open lids. Pain in the eyes; aching, burning; as if sand. Paralysis of optic nerve. Protrusion of eyes. Redness of eyes; of lids. Looks sunken about the eyes. Eyes swollen; lids swollen. Sclerotics yellow. Dim vision.

Discharge from ear, offensive. Itching. Noises in ears; humming, ringing, roaring, singing. Pain in ear. Stitching. Hearing impaired.

Chronic catarrh. Coryza. Discharge bloody; crusts; excoriating; greenish; purulent; watery. Nosebleed. Sneezing.

Dark circles around eyes. Pale, sickly, earthly, waxy face. Greenish. Sickly, suffering expression. Lips pale. Red face during chill. Sallow; jaundiced. Dryness of lips. Heat of face. Flushes of heat. Hippocratic countenance. Pain in face. Perspiration of face. Swelling of face.

Bleeding mouth and gums. White tongue. Dryness. Numbness of tongue. Burning tongue. Increased saliva. Gangrenous sore mouth. Swollen gums. Taste bitter, insipid, putrid, sweetish.

Constriction and choking in throat. Throat feels hot. Lump in throat. Pain in throat on swallowing. Burning, rawness, soreness. Swallowing difficult.

Anxiety in stomach. Appetite increased, or ravenous; yet he does not relish his food. Appetite wanting. Aversion to food; to meat. Constriction. Craves bread, sour things. Distended stomach. Eructations after eating; abortive, bitter, empty; of food; foul; sour. Waterbrash. fullness. Heartburn. Heat. Nausea, before eating, after eating, during pregnancy. Pain, after cold drinks, after eating. Burning; cramping; pressing after eating. Soreness. Pulsating. Thirst extreme. Also thirstless in chronic troubles.

Vomiting, morning, night, after drinking, coughing, after eating; with headache; during fever; during pregnancy. Blood, FOOD sour.

Constriction of abdominal muscles. Distension of abdomen from flatus. Ascites. Flatulence. Fullness. Gurgling. Hardness of abdomen. Sensation of heat in abdomen. Weight in abdomen. Inflammation of bowels. Itching of skin of abdomen. Congestive, sluggish and swollen liver. Pain in abdomen at night, on coughing, after eating, during menses. Paroxysmal pains. Warmth ameliorates. Pain in hypochondria, in hypogastrium, in the liver, sides of abdomen. Cramping before stool, from flatus. Soreness; hypogastrium. Liver. Nervous uneasiness in abdomen. Rumbling. Spleen enlarged. Swollen liver and spleen. Tension of abdomen.

Constipation. Constriction. DIARRHOEA; morning afternoon, NIGHTAFTER MIDNIGHT; colliquitive; during dentition AFTER DRINKING, after cold water, after eating; aggravated by motion. Painless. Flatus. Hemorrhage from anus. Hemorrhoids, external, large. Involuntary stool. Itching of anus. Moisture at the anus. Pain during stool. Burning during and after stool. Stitching. Tenesmus during stool. Paralysis of rectum. Prolapsus during stool. Urging to stool; ineffectual; after stool. Stool excoriating, bloody, brown, frequent, hard, UNDIGESTED, mucus, watery, brown watery.

Pain in the bladder. Tenesmus. Constant urging. Involuntary urination at night.

Pain in the kidneys.

Burning in urethra during urination.

Urine albuminous, bloody, burning; cloudy on standing; dark, red, copious, scanty; mucous sediment.

Seminal emissions.

Inflammation of female genitals, Uterus. Itching genitals. Leucorrhea, EXCORIATING, thin, white. Amenorrhea. Menses bright red, copious, dark, too soon, painful, pale, protracted, scanty, suppressed. Uterine hemorrhage. Pain in uterus. Burning in labia. Prolapsus uteri.

Catarrh of larynx and trachea. Mucus in larynx and trachea. Burning in air passages. Roughness in air passages. Hoarseness. Voice lost. Respiration arrested on coughing; asthmatic; difficult, evening, night, during cough, lying; rattling; short; suffocative. Subject to asthma after midnight.

Cough morning on rising, evening in bed, lying down, at night, before midnight; cold air, open air, walking in open air; asthmatic; deep breathing aggravates; after drinking. Dry cough in the evening. Cough after eating. Exhausting cough. Cough during fever; from irritation in trachea. Loose cough; lying aggravates; cough in bed, motion aggravates; on rising; must sit up. Spasmodic cough. Talking aggravates the cough. Tickling cough. Tickling in larynx and trachea. Whooping cough.

Expectoration in daytime, morning, night; bloody, blood streaked, copious, difficult; greenish mucus; offensive, purulent; nausiosis; putrid, sweetish, thick, viscid, whitish, yellow.

Anxiety of chest in heart symptoms. Catarrh of chest. Constriction of chest; constriction of heart. Fullness of chest. HEMORRHAGE OF LUNGS. Heat in chest. Inflammation of lungs. Cardiac and anaemic murmurs. OPPRESSION OF CHEST in the evening. Pain in the chest, during cough; in sides of chest; sternum. Soreness in chest on coughing. Stitching on coughing. Palpitation at night with anxiety. Spasms of chest.

Coldness of back. Pain in the back at night, during menses, during stool. Pain in cervical region, between shoulders, in lumbar region. Aching in back. Bruised pain in lumbar region. Tearing in back. Pulsating in back. Stiff neck.

Cold extremities, hands and feet. Contraction of fingers and toes. Cramps in hands, thighs, calves, feet, soles. Blueness of finger nails. Heaviness of limbs, feet. Numbness of hands and fingers; legs, feet. Pain in limbs; rheumatic; joints. Gouty pains. Pain in upper limbs, rheumatic, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hands. Pain in lower limbs. Sciatica, worse at night. Pain in thighs; paralytic; knee, ankle, foot, heel. Aching in limbs. Drawing in upper limbs; thighs. Sore pain in limbs, upper limbs. Stitching in limbs; shoulders; hip, thigh. Tearing in shoulders, upper arms; thighs. Paralytic weakness of limbs. Restlessness of all the limbs, especially of the legs. Stiffness of joints of upper limbs, hands and fingers; of lower limbs, knees and feet. Swelling of upper limbs, hands; of knees, ankles and feet. Varicose veins of lower limbs. Weakness of limbs, joints; knees, legs, ankles.

Dreams anxious. Sleep restless. Sleepiness afternoon and evening. Sleeplessness before midnight. Sleepless with sleepiness. Waking early.

This remedy has chill, fever and sweat. Chill in morning, noon, evening, NIGHT. Chill even in bed. Quotidian; tertian. Chill with trembling. The fever is intense, and follows chill; aggravated in afternoon, evening, and highest at night. Fever after midnight. Fever without chill in afternoon, evening, night. Fever intermingled with chill. Dry Heat. Heat in flushes. The flushes rush upwards. Chronic intermittent fevers with enlarged spleen and liver. Internal heat and external coldness. Heat comes on after sleep. Perspiration day and night. Perspiration morning, night; during anxiety; in bed; CLAMMY, cold, on coughing, with great exhaustion, after eating, during slight exertion ; long lasting; while lying; on motion; PROFUSE, morning. Perspiration during sleep, after sleep; offensive, sour, staining linen yellow; during stool. Symptoms aggravated while perspiring.

Burning of the skin. Coldness of the skin. Liver spots. Pale skin. Red spots. Yellow. Dryness of the skin. Sensitive skin. Sore feeling in skin. Swollen skin. Oedema. Ulcers, burning. Withered warts.

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