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Elaeis Guineensis | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

Elaeis Guineensis

Elaeis Guineensis | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

Elaeis Guineensis Aouara. Avoira. N. O. Palmae (yields Palm Oil). Triturations of the fruit.

Clinical : Diarrhoea. Elephantiasis arabum. Gastric affections. Headache. Leprosy. Scleriasis. Scleroderma. Sight, defective. Skin, affections of. Sore throat.

Characteristics : Proved by Mure, it produced lancinations, burning, bruised and throbbing pains. Notable symptoms of leprosy and of scleroderma appear in the provings: anaesthesia; swelling and hardening of skin. Among other symptoms are: sensation as if a peg stuck in false ribs. Swelling of parts. The greatest number of symptoms appeared on the lower extremities and skin. < From cold drinks (colic); from descending stairs (lancinations); from breathing. > Rest.

Relations : Compare: Anacard., Rhus t.


1. Mind : Merry mood.-Disobedient.

3. Eyes : Swelling of eyes.-Sight weak; confused vision by candle-light.-He makes letters much too large.-Unable to look steadily at an object.

8. Mouth : Burning in tongue; has to stop eating.-Bad odour from mouth.

9. Throat : Lancinations in throat when swallowing; stinging when swallowing saliva.

11. Stomach : Foul eructations.-Vomiting of a cake immediately after eating it.

12. Abdomen : Colic after a cold drink.-Pain with bruised sensation in abdomen.

13. Stool : Frequent diarrhoea.-Black stools.

14. Urine : White urine.

17. Respiratory Organs : Breathing embarrassed.-Pricking in larynx on breathing.-Cough with lancination in sides.-Pain in middle of chest as if pricked by needles.-Lancinations every five minutes in r. chest.

20. Neck : Constrictive pains round neck as if from tight string.-Throbbing in nape.

22. Upper Limbs : Swelling of l. arm.-Beating in l. arm.-Insensibility of hand to fire-heat when approached to fire, but an hour after he feels it badly.

23. Lower Limbs : Staggering gait.-Weakness of legs.-Swelling of r. leg.-Sharp pain lower part of l. leg as if a pen-knife were stuck in.-Throbbing in calves.-Hammering in tibia, nape of neck, and r. foot.-Soreness of soles of feet when walking and when touched.

24. Generalities : Lancinations in various parts, esp. when going downstairs.

25. Skin : Skin seems thicker.-On each side of epigastrium skin seems thickened, with pain in last false ribs as if a peg were stuck in them.-Swelling, roughness, and itching of skin of l. leg.-Small vesicles appear on swollen r. leg; and l. arm; and on other parts without swelling.-Itching all over, preventing sleep.

Elaeis Guineensis | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

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