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Diarrhcea: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses

Diarrhcea: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses

List of Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhcea

Apis: Morning diarrhoea at every motion of the body the bowels move, as though the sphincter ani had no power.

Apocynum: Stools, copious, yellow, watery and brownish contain undigested food and discharge with an expulsive force, like a cork from a bottle.

Bryonia: Morning diarrhoea comes on as soon as the patient begins to move about.

Aggravated by hot weather. Less flatus.

Diarrhoea after anger. The symptoms are associated with chiliness. Tongue white.

Aloes: Stools contain a jelly-like mucus, apt to be worse in the morning great prostration after stool. Colic relieved by bending double.

Argentum Nitricum: The bowels move as soon as the patient drinks.

Diarrhoea from great excitement, especially when the imagination has been played uopn.

Diarrhoea from anticipation.

Arsenicum: Lienteric Diarrhoea profuse comes on during or after eating (more after than during) worse after midnight. Intense thirst.

burning pain.

Borax: Diarrhoea preceded by colic, associated with aphthous sore-mouth mucous membarane around these aphthoe bleeds easily.

Gamboge: The stool is expelled all at once, after considerable urging and is followed by great relief is preceded by excessve cutting about the navel.

Cinchona: Diarrhoea after eating.

Lienteric Diarrhoea worse at night or after eating. Debillitating.

Worse at night or after eating attended with rapid exhaustion and emaciation.

Ferrum: Diarrhoea as soon as the patient attempts to drink.

Lienteric Diarrhoea with out pain apt to occur during meals.

Apt to occur during the meal.

Gelsemium: Diarrhoea appearing suddenly from excitement or the anticipation of some trying ordeals.

Diarrhoea from fight the stools are copious, yellow and papescent. The tongue is coated white or yellowish.

Constant desire to go to stool, with inability for sometime to pass any faecal matter then the bowels move with out pain or effort mouth dry tip the tongue burning.

Mercurius: Diarrhoea accompanied by well-marked tenesmus attended with sore-mouth with profuse salivation water dribbles from the mouth.

Much tenesmus.

Staphisagria: Diarrhoea associated with stomacace cutting pains before and after stool, with a great deal of tenesmus of the rectum durning stool and escape of flatus.

Natrum Sulph.: Associated with a great deal of flatus.

Calcarea Ostrearum: Stools greenish, more or less watery and sour.

Chamomilla: Diarrhoea after anger. The symptoms are associated with heat. The face is pale with one cheek red. Tongue yellow.

Soreness of the stomach, with soreness of the anus.

Sulphur: Morning Diarrhoea, hurrying the patient out of the bed.

Castoreum: Watery or greenish mucous stools, with burning in the anus cutting colic before stool, better from pressure or bending double cutting about the navel.

Colocynth: Colic relived by bending double or from firm pressure.

Podophyllum: Diarrhoea worse in the morning comes with a gush.

Gushing Diarrhoea, comes in the morning , more during the day than at night.

Iris Versicolor: Lienteris Diarrhoea associated with vomiting. The patient is worse at about 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.

Lachesis: The abdomen is bloated very sensitive to touch about the waist.

Oleander: Lienteric Diarrhoea the patient passes in his stools the food which he had eaten the day before.

Colocynth: Diarrhoea with griping, cutting, colicky pains, relived by bending over or from firm pressure.

Croton Tigilim: Colic better from warm drinks.

Nausea of a very aggravatting character attended by faintness and loss of sight.

Movements are profuse and watery and gushing like water from a hydrant.

Brownish-green stools.

Elaterium: Olive-green stools.

Phosphoric Acid: The stools are copious and frequent, but not attended with much debility.

Strontiana Carb.: Worse at night the patient is scarcely off the vessel before he has to return. Better towards morning at 3 or 4 o’clock.

Dioscorea: Diarrhoea with griping colicky pains, relieved by bending blackwards. The pains are apt to fly off to other parts of the body.

Euphorbia Corollata: Mental state the patient wants to die is more marked.

Jatropha Curcas: Vomited matters look like rice-water or the white of an egg.

Opium: Diarrhoea from fright the image of the thing which caused the fright constantly appears before the mind.

Pulsatilla: Diarrhoea from fright the stool are greenish-yellow and slimy, or very changeable in color and worse at night trembling weeping.

Heper: Diarrhoea with sour stool, worse during the day and after eating. The whole patient smelles sour.

Ipecacuanha: Diarrhoea with green stools.

Leptandra: Urging to stool, griping colicky pains continue after stools.

Magnesia Carb.: Green, slimy stools.

More depper-acting than the other.

Diarrhoea with characteristically sour stools green and slimy preceded by much griping and rumbling in the bowels stools like scum on a frog pond milk discharges

Veratrum Album: Diarrhoea from fright cold sweat on the forehead.

Oenothera: Exhausting watery Diarrhoea the evacuations are without effort and are accompanied by nervous exhaustion.

Diarrhcea: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses

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