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Cinnamomum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke


Cinnamomum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum and Cinnamomum Cassia. N. O. Lauraceae. Tincture.

Clinical : Ascites. Caries. Constipation. Diarrhoea. Haemorrhages. Headache. Hysteria. Leucorrhoea. Menorrhagia. Metrorrhagia.

Characteristics : A leading feature of Cinnamon is haemorrhage. The haemorrhage is bright red and clear and < by any physical exertion. Cinnam. also causes gastric disturbance and hysterical attacks; pains in bones and in muscles, and great weakness as after loss of fluids. Hysterical attacks, going off with eructations; with nausea or vomiting. The symptoms are < while riding; from exertion; from talking; in afternoon and evening up to midnight. Talking = hysterical attacks. It has been used in large doses by the old school in cases of uterine cancer, and some success has been claimed for it.

Relations : It is antidoted by: Acon. It antidotes: Opium. Compare: Sil., Ipec.


11. Stomach : Nausea while riding, with gagging and vomiting of mucus.

13. Stool and Anus : Diarrhoea < after drinking, with acidity.-Long-continued constipation; stool in hard balls.-Haemorrhage from bowels occurring esp. after any physical exertion; blood, bright red and clear.

16. Female Sexual Organs : Menorrhagia; in females troubled with itching at nose; blood bright red < after false step or strain; blood bright red.-Metrorrhagia.-Repeated small haemorrhages during gestation and puerperal state; < on any exertion, lifting, straining, over-stretching arms; false step

Cinnamomum | Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke

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