HomeTreatmentCholera: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses

Cholera: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses

Cholera: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses.

Cholera: Homeopathic Treatment, Medicine, Doses. Homeopathic Medicine for Cholera. Homeopathic Treatment for Cholera.

List of Homeopathic Medicine for Cholera

Arsenicum: Restlessness prominent irritability of fibre. The patient want to sty warm by warpped up. Rice-water stool.

Cold sweat on the forehead less marked. Restlessness more marked. stool is lesser quantity than the other.

Camphor: Intense prostration before any vomiting and purging. Indicated in the initial stage.

Carbo Vegetabilis: The Patient lies quiet. Extremely weak to move. Carbo Vegetabilis has passive haemorrhage from the nose and bowels also.

The pulse is rapid, almost thread-like and intermittent.

Prostration as the result of the drain on the system, by alvine discharge. Indicated in the later stage.

Secale: Secale has spasmodic twitching of the muscles of the various parts of the body. That spreading asunder of the fingers.

Almost pulseless.

Euphorbia Corrollata: The patient wants to die cold sweat all over the body.

Hydrocyanic Acid: Marked collapse, with sudden cessation of all discharge, as purging and vomiting.

Jatropha curcas: The vomited matters look like rice-water or the white of an egg. Purging like water from a hydrant. Cramps in the calves and coldness of the body.

Camphor: Collapes before the purging and vomiting begin or with scanty discharges.

Veratrum Album: Cold sweat on the forehead more marked. Restlessness less marked. Stool copious.

Coldness of the body collapse.

Sharp cutting pains in the abdomen.

Iris Versicolor: Absence of coldness and symptoms of collapse. Comes preferably at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.

Podophyllum: Absence of pain. Stools liable to vary in color come out with a gush and a splutter, like water from a hydrant.

Tabacum: Nausea, accompanied by burning heat about the abdomen, the rest of the body being cold. The patient persists in uncoverning the abdomen.

Homeopathic Doses for Cholera

3 to 5 drops should be taken 4 times in a day.

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