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Cenchris Contortrix | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Cenchris Contortrix | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Bulletin No. 24 of National Museum gives check list of North American reptilia Ancistrodon Contortrix. Dr. Albert Giinther, who furnished the article for The Encyclopedia Britannica, calls the “Copperhead” Cenchris-Contortrix, and considers it very similar to the Trigonocephaly family, but smaller in size, generally found near the water-courses, closely related to the Chenchris Piscivarus, which is the water-snake or crater-moccasin.

The Cenchris family belongs to the temperate parts of North America, and its venom is of a deadly nature.


No. 1. Mrs. K., 6th potency, one dose only.
No. 2. Dr. Mary S., 6th potency, one dose only.
No. 3. Dr. Eliza M., 6th potency, one dose only.
No. 4. J. A. T., 6th potency, one dose only.
No. 5. Dr. Mary S., 2nd proving, 10m.
No. 6. Dr. Eliza M., 2d proving, 10m, one dose.
No. 7. Geo. W. S., 6th and 30th potencies.


Loss of memory. Feeling of intoxication. Anxiety, with a feeling that she will die SUDDENLY (1) (8th day, lasting many days). The horrors of the dreams of the previous night seemed to follow her (1) (8th day). She could not banish the horrors of her dreams (1) (9th day). Instantly after lying down at night she was seized with a horrible, sickening anxiety, all over the body, but most at the heart and through the chest, exclaiming, “I shall die! I shall die!” This soon passed into profound sleep, which was not interrupted until morning, but full of horrible dreams. Afternoon and evening thinks her family plotting to place her in an insane asylum (this lasted four afternoons and ended fourteenth day of proving). Suspicious of everybody. Melancholy (old symptoms worse). No inclination to attend to her usual duties, which are pleasant (3). Angry when disturbed (3) Not able to rest in bed, must walk the floor to ease mind. (3) Wants to be alone (3) (4th day). Nervous and irritable (3) (14th day). Catch myself staring into space and forget what people are saying to me, or that there is any one in the room. (2) (4th day). Inability to concentrate mind (2) (4th day, 6th and 10m.). Absent minded (2) (two provers, 5th, 6th and 10m.). DREAMY, ABSENT MINDED, TOOK WRONG CAR WITHOUT REALIZING WHERE WAS GOING. Misdirected letters (2) (13th day, 6th and 10m.). Very gloomy and discouraged (3) (7th day). So absent minded and stupid that I tremble and shiver, and my teeth chatter for some time before I begin to realize that I feel cold (5) (3rd day). Foreboding, gloomy without cause, frequent sighing (2) (21st day, 6th and 10m.). Crying and very frequent sighing, as if very sad (2) (many days, 6th and 10m.). Lack of determination and snap, have to use all my reserve mental force to make myself get up and go out (5) (many days). Painful procrastination, indecision. (5) Time passes too slowly, seems to drag along. I am longing to go, yet I cannot tear myself out of my chair and move along. When at last I do pick up enough determination to go, I go very suddenly.(5) Feel hard and uncharitable (6) (8th day). Selfish, envious, easily slighted. Transient attacks of anger 6 P. M. (5) (9th day, 6 P. M. and 8:30 P. M. 14th day, and 6:30 P. M. 17th). Longing for the woods so intense I wandered out to the park alone (5) (2d day). Great depression and gloomy foreboding followed by great hilarity (5) (9th day). Alternation of opposite moods and desires (5) (9th day).


Sensation of intoxication in evening (3) (2d day). Sensation of intoxication came on at 4 p. M., lasting 3 hours, feeling as if I would fall; unable to walk in a direct line; go from side to side of pavement (3) (2d day). Same symptoms 4 p. M. 3d day. Same symptom 4 P. M. to 7 P. M. 4th day, and came every day for 4 weeks. Vertigo, coming and going, with no inclination to attend to her usual duties that are very pleasant; nervous and tired all the time (3) (6th day). Vertigo. Angry when disturbed.(8) (6th day). Compelled to lie all afternoon. So dizzy (3) (9th day). Vertigo very bad from 4 P. M. to 7 P. M. (3) (2d to 10 and 11th day). When riding in the car, she rode by the place she intended to get off at. (3) Her mind is all a blank for ten minutes, but people did not observe anything wrong with her appearance. Dreamy feeling (2) (6th day). FAINTING SPELLS.


Sensation of fullness about the head (1) (18th day). Dull, aching pain in the forehead, whichfinally extended to the occiput, leaving forehead (1) (1st day),Feeling as if all the blood in the body rushed to the head (1) (8th day). Violent headache in both temples in forenoon; could not stand any warmth in the room; lips dry and parched (1) (13th day). Headache in both temples on rising, passing off after breakfast (3) (4th day). Headache in temples; passes off after eating.(3) Headache, not defined, with disgust for food.(3) Aching in the frontal sinuses, nose, and throat, as though she had taken a severe cold, but no discharge of mucus (2) (4th day). Dull ache in the occiput (2) (4th day). Dull aching in the frontal eminence (2) (4th and 8th days). Dull ache in left frontal eminence (5) (7th day). Hard, aching pain commenced in left frontal eminence and spread down left side to teeth, then spread to right frontal eminence, then to teeth on right side (5) (16th day). Hard pain over left eye (5) (9th day). Dull frontal headache during menstruation (2) (23d day). Dull throbbing in vertex (2) (18th, 19th and 20th days).


Sore feeling in the scalp after the headache passed away (1) (2d day). Itching of scalp, better by scratching (2) (1st and 6th day—6th and 10m.). Transient sensation of prickling in the scalp, like a gentle current of electricity (5) (4th day). One large, dry, scabby pimple on scalp, long and narrow, oval shaped (5) (12th day).


Eyes ache, and there is dimness of vision.(3) Lachrymation from left eye; left eyelid red on edges (2) (7th day). Twitching in left eyelid (2) (17th day). Dull ache in eyes, with sense of weakness (5) (16th day). Itching of eyes; begins in left eye and extends to right (1) (17th day). Margins of eyelids red, especially at night (5) (many days).


Itching of ears at night (3) (an old symptom not had for a year; 5th day). Itching of ears during the day (3) (7th day). Burning of left ear (2) (1st and 7th days; many days—6th and 10m.). Dull pain in and around the left ear (5) (6th day).


Sickening odor in the nose (1st day). Copious flow of mucus, thin and watery.(2) Copious flow of mucus. Coryza. Cold nose (2) (several days). Cold nose (2) (6th day, evening 7 p. M.). Aching in throat and nose, tickling sensation in nose, as though discharge would flow, but very little discharge when blowing it (2) (5th and 6th days). Aching in left side of nose as though in the bones, with dull headache (2) (7th day). Sneezing occasionally and eyes filled with water (2) (6th and 8th days). Sneezing in morning when waking (2) (7th day—6th and 10m.; many days). Sneezing violently on awaking in the morning (2) (6th and 8th days). Tingling from left nostril to left eye (lachrymal canal). Slight discharge of water from left eye, sensation of weakness in the eye (2) (6th day. Nose burning sensation inside as though full of pepper (2) (7th day). Nostrils sore, worse left side (2) (7th day). Discharge of yellow mucus, sometimes tinged with blood (2) (7th and 9th days). Discharge of mucus from nose, varying from cream to amber color, specked with blood (2) (8th day). Cannot breathe through the nose (2) (8th day—6th and 10m.; many days). Impossible to breathe through the nose (2) (9th, 10th, 11th days). Scabs in the nose, lasting many days (2) (10th day—6th and 10m.). Dry mucus in nose, cannot breathe through it (2) (13th day). Slight tingling in left nostril (5) (4th day).


Flushes of heat about the face and head (1) (1st day). Bloating of face, as if intoxicated(1) (9th day). Bloating above and below eyes(1) (9th day). BESOTTED COUNTENANCE. Mottled skin; purple, deep, dark red face. Dry parched lips in evening, with fever that began at 3 P. M. (1) (10th day). Swelling above eyes, below brow (1) (like Kali 12th day). She can see the wlater bag that fills the upper lid (1) (12th day). Baggy swelling under eyes (5) (many days). Face pale all through the proving.(3) Flushing and burning of face (2) (1st day). Great burning of the face, worse at night(2) (6th and 7th day). Cheeks began to get red and hot about 2 P. M.; keep growing hotter and redder until she goes to sleep at 10 P. M.; became dark red like erysipelas (2) (9th day). Woe-begone expression of face (2) (12th day). Burning face, 2 P. M. (2) (16th day). Burning begins in left cheek and ear, spreads to right cheek 6:30 p. M. (6) (2d day). Blue circles under eyes (5) (all through the proving). Face sallow. (5) Very small red pimples in little clusters, between the eyes and on the upper lip (5) (15th day). Same tiny pimples on end of nose (5) (16th day). Formication on left cheek, like crawling of a fly, also on septum of nose (7) (8th day).


Lips cracked and hot. Face chapped, dreads washing it (2) (18th day—6th and 10m.).


Aching through jaws after lying down at night, lasting until after midnight (1) (12th day). Teeth ache from hot or cold drinks (5) (12th day). Teeth feel edgy, can feel that I have teeth (5) (12th day). Dull ache in right upper teeth when eating (5) (19th day).


Dry tongue. Bitter taste in mouth on waking in the morning. Taste of copper in the mouth (2) (14th day). Dry tongue (7) (4th day—30th potency).


Dry mouth in evening.(1) Increase of saliva (2) (7th and 8th days). Profuse saliva (2) (8th day). Profuse saliva, running out of mouth on pillow in sleep (7) (4th day— 30th potency).


Constantly hawking up thick, tough, stringy mucus, difficult to raise (15) (1st day). Throat full of mucus, thick and yellow, slightly tinged with blood from posterior nares, in the morning on waking (2) (6th day). During morning, twice discharged glossy, thick mucus from throat, looking like gelatine with bluish tinge, not tough, easily broken up (2) (6th day). Sore throat; painful, empty swallowing, but water swallowed without pain. Sore all over throat, after an hour it located on left side in tonsil, and muscles of left side of neck, was gone next morning (1) (11th day). Throat feels scraped, warm drinks are grateful (2) (4th, 22d, 26th days—6th and 10m.). Right side of throat red and swollen (2) (6th and 7th days). Throat full of mucus, yellow, with specks of blood in it (2) (8th day). Throat feels strained from the exertion of hawking (2) (6th day). Slight pricking in the throat on empty swallowing, but no pain on swallowing liquid or solid food (2) (6th day). Rawness of the throat with increase of saliva, which she swallows (2) (7th day). Throat full of mucus, yellow, with blood vessels plainly outlined on uvula, fauces and pharynx (2) (7th day). Right side of throat (pharynx), behind the posterior pillars of fauces, swollen and dark red, with sticking pains (2) (7th day). Throat feels sore and full, have to swallow often in order to breathe (2) (8th day). Aching in right side of throat (2) (8th day). Constantly swallowing (2) (9th day). The mucus is difficult to raise, loses her breath, and strangles in trying to raise it (2) (9th day). Eustachian tubes filled with mucus (2) (9th day). Had to hawk a half hour before I could get the mucus out of the throat so I could go to sleep; MUCUS THICK, TOUGH and yellow (2) (9th day). Throat painful on empty swallowing, but not when swallowing solids or liquids (2) (11th day).


Intense thirst for cold water in the evening. Every evening during proving. (1) Intense thirst in evening, with dry mouth. (1) Dislike for everything put before her to eat, and finds fault with everything (3) (5th day). No appetite for anything at breakfast (3) (7th day). Craves salt bacon (7th day). Disgust for food at breakfast (3) (9th day). No appetite. (7)


Eructations of tasteless gas a short time after eating (2) (3d and 6th days). Vomiting of white gruel-like substance, with mucus and undigested food (5) (2d day). Nausea > by ice; water makes sick (6) (2d day).


Transient throbbing in the stomach (3) (6th day). Acute cramping sensation in stomach,  by belching.


Pain in the attachment of the diaphragm, right side (2) (3d day). Cough felt at the attachments of the diaphragm. (2) Aching all around the waist, at the attachments of the diaphragm. (2) Felt as though a cord were tied around the hip. (2) Pain in the attachment of diaphragm when laughing (5) (9th day). Hard ache in the attachment of diaphragm, both sides, < by breathing deeply (5) (11th day). Feeling of a bottle of water in left hypochondrium, shaking up and down with motion of carriage (7) (13th day).


Dull pain in two spots directly over pubic arch, 10 A. M., passing off after two hours (3) (2d and 3d days). Feeling as though that part of abdomen below umbilicus was not sufficiently expanded, on waking in the morning (2d day). BANDS AROUND THE WAIST UNBEARABLE MOST OF THE TIME DURING THE THREE WEEKS OF PROVING. (2) Dull pains in lower abdomen (2) (2d day, 12th day—6th and 10m.). Dull pain in abdomen when coughing (2) (14th day). Transient aching in a spot just above the umbilicus (5) (11th day). Sensation of a hard lump in left side of abdomen. Bloating or abdomen after small amount of food, with diarrhoea. (7) Great deal of rumbling in the bowels, left side (7) (11th day). During breakfast, sharp, cutting pain in the left hypochondrium, from above downward; pain deep, took breath away, lasting but short time (7) (2d day— 30 potency).


Itching and soreness of the anus (1) (13th day). Soreness of anus (5) (20th day). Hemorrhoids that itch and are sore (13th day). Urging to stool, which passes away before the closet can be reached (2) (3d day). Unsuccessful urging to stool, strain until rectum feels as though prolapsed, but have no stool (5) (3d day). Waked in morning with itching of anus (5) (13th day). Diarrhoea with tenesmus (5) (35th day). On waking in the morning, had to hasten to the closet; stool watery, dark with a black sediment like coffee grounds; stool intermits, have to sit a long time, passing small quantities every minute or two(6) (2d and 40th days). Stool looks like bran porridge and of same consistency (7) (10th day). Stool gushing and frequent, watery, with a dark sediment at first without pain; after several hours great pain before stool (5) (20th, 21st and 22d days). Flatus at termination of stool. Painless and involuntary stool when passing flatus. Soiled the bed twice in sleep (7) (10th day). Had several diarrhceic stools at night, copious, gray in color, not debilitating. Several copious stools during the day with spluttering flatus, with bloating of abdomen after the smallest amount of food. Desire to be in a warm room, with above symptom  (7) (14th day). Several stools, not so frequent; weak today, good deal of rumbling in left side of abdomen. Stools profuse, each seems as if it would empty the bowel, but soon full again. Sensation of intestines filled with water. (Crot. tig.) Stool frothy, foamy, air bubbles like yeast (7) (16th day).


Loses her urine when coughing. (3) Desire to urinate at night, just after getting in bed: must get up and press a long time before a few drops pass (5) (many days). When doing mental work, frequent desire to urinate, pass large quantities of colorless urine (6) (several days).


Violent sexual desire. (4) No sexual desire (unusual) since began the proving (7) (10th day).


Yellow leucorrhoea; never had any leucorrhcea before (1) (11th day). White leucorrhoea, only while at stool, during the whole proving. (6) Sexual desire strong, in a widow who had long been free from such sensations. Pain in right ovary (3). Herpetic eruption on labia majora. (3) Dull aching in the small of the back and sacral region, at night during menses (2) (23d day). Soreness in coccyx and gluteal muscles, and aching in abdomen at night, during menses (2) (23d day). Menstrual flow very profuse, bright red, with dark clots (23d day). Menses two weeks late (5) (old symptom, 13th day). During menses, aching in small of back, when sitting up, must lie down. Easily moved to tears. Throbbing about umbilicus (5) (13th day). Sharp shooting pain in left ovary, upon motion(5) (3d day). Pain in left ovary during menses (5) (10th and 38th days). Cramping pains in uterus at each menstrual period, for four months. (6) Laborlike pains in uterus during menses.


Slight hoarseness, worse at night (2) (26th to 30th days—6th and 10m.). Hoarseness (2) (8th day).


Suffocating feeling after lying down in the evening (1) (7th day). Dyspnoea as if dying from anxiety (1) (7th day). Stops breathing on going to sleep (1) (8th day). She was prevented from sleeping by thinking of dreams of the previous night (1) (8th day). After lying down, a suffocating feeling came over her, with anxiety(2) in the chest as if she would die, worse on first lying down. She must lie with head drawn back, as she chokes so (1) (9th day). Dyspnoea on lying down and the thought of sleep brings on great anxiety (1) (12th day). She says: “There is no use lying down, that suffocation will come (1)” (12th day). FREQUENT SIGHING (8th day). Impossible to breathe through the nose and very hard to breathe through the mouth, because of mucus in the throa t(2) (9th day). Can hardly find breath enough to talk, have to stop and gasp in the midst of a word or short sentence (2) (9th day). Great difficulty of breathing at night, she had to gasp and struggle for breath (2) (9th day).


Dry, hacking cough, coming on at 3 P. M., continuing through the evening. (3) Irritation to cough, felt in pit of stomach (3). Soreness in abdomen when coughing.(8) Cough comes on when walking fast or walking up stairs.(3) Coughs only when in the house.(3) Cough at night after retiring (2) (7th day). Cough caused a feeling of helplessness (2) (7th day). Concussive cough, causing watering on left eye(2) (7th day). Only cough twice, but felt quite concerned about it; a hopeless feeling comes over her at each cough (2) (7th day). Dark, bloody expectoration; also bright red blood seems to come from throat (2) (12th day). Cough seems to come from the diaphragm, causing violent contraction there. At other times it causes contraction of the umbilicus. (2) Expectoration frothy white, all shades of yellow in morning (2) (14th day). Loose cough in morning, with frothy sputa. (2) Concussive cough at night (2) (18th and 19th days). Dry, short cough at 4 P. M., with constant irritation to cough, lasting until 10 P. M. Cough very hard, dry, frequent (2) (14th day). Concussive, forcible, dry cough, shaking chest walls, cannot be repressed, lasting many days (2) (16th day). Expectoration of white mucus of a metallic taste (2) (18th day). Cough only in evening (2) (20th day). Hoarse, paroxysmal cough, with whitish expectoration (2) (21st day).


Transient hard ache in lower lobes of lungs; am afraid to draw a long breath on account of the pain (5) (9th day).


Anxiety about the heart in evening after lying down (1) (7th day). Anxiety about the heart with palpitation (1) (8th day). Anxiety in the chest, as if she would die, worse on lying down; must lie with head drawn back, as she chokes so (1) (9th day). Feeling as though the whole chest was distended and the heart very sore (1) (9th day). Feeling as if the heart was distended, or swelled to fill the chest (1) (many days). Anxiety in the region of the heart all night (1) (9th day). Extreme realization of the heart (1) (strongest 12th day, lasting many days). Pulse 120 in the evening (1). Pulse 105 in the evening (1). At 3 P. M. sensation of fluttering of heart followed by feeling that heart fell down into abdomen; then pulse became feeble, with heat lasting until after midnight (1) (10th day). At 11 P. M. sudden, sharp stitching pain in the heart, followed by dull pain, which gradually subsided (2) (1st day). Throbbing or fluttering under left scapula (2) (2d). Sudden, sharp stitches in apex of heart, worse evening (2) (3d day). Pain through the attachments of the diaphragm, just below apex of heart. Pain in same region on right side of chest; hard aching, worse from deep inspiration (2) (3d day). Sharp stitches in the heart (2) (4th day, lasting through the proving—four weeks). Dull pain in region of heart at 10 P. M. (7th day). Drawing pain in right side of chest, below mammary gland, on lying down at night (three nights) ; makes him put the hand on the pain; >by lying on that side and < lying on left side. (4) Sharp stitches in right side of chest (2) (7th day). Dull pain in apex of heart, transient (5) 2d, 4th, 9th and 17th days). Hard ache in heart at 10:30 P. M. (6) (10th day). Sharp, darting pain under right breast (5) (13th and 16th days).


Hard dull aching across the chest, extending to axilla on both sides, < on pressure; moving the hand to opposite shoulder causes pain in muscles of chest (2) (6th day). Transient sense of pressure over the lower sternum (5) (12th day).


During the day, constriction about the neck, clothing disturbed her, choking feeling (1) (8th day). Sore aching feeling below the left scapula, rubbing > (lasting many days). Transient lame stitch in back of neck (2) (4th day). Transient aching feeling in sacrum (5th day). Throbbing under the scapulas, dull aching in small of back (2) (13th day). Transient dull aching in back of neck (2) (18th day). Dull aching in small of back (2) (21st day). Throbbing in buttocks (2) (21st day). Soreness in coccyx and gluteal muscles when sitting (2) (21st day). Awoke with throbbing in vulva and in anus, followed by a dull aching in sacral region, relieved by walking about (12th day). Throbbing carotids when lying down (5) (12th day). Awoke at night with pain in region of left kidney, worse lying on left side, better by turning on right side and drawing up limbs (7) (3d day).


Transient aching in middle of right forearm, on the radius (2) (3d day). Heat in palms in evening (2) (3d day). Hands get chapped easily. (2) Hands vary, one minute hot and dry, then cold, then sweating in palms (5) (3d day). Dull ache in metacarpal bone of thumb (5) (4th day). Dull ache in cushion of right and left thumbs (5) (12th day). Dull ache in left palm (5) (21st day). Itching of left palm (5) (17th day). Cold air makes the hands look red and as though the little red points of blood would ooze out. In the house hands merely look rough (5) (20th day).


Feet painful in morning (3) (7th day). Sharp itching in 3d toe (3) (old symptom, 5th day). Awoke with dull aching in four lesser toes of right foot, acute pain when stepping or moving foot, gradually subsided after bathing in hot water (2) (19th day). Want to put feet up; unconsciously cross the limbs (5) (throughout proving). Profuse foot-sweat, can almost wring the stockings, not acrid nor offensive (5) (12th day). Corn burns and twinges, cannot bear my usual shoe; < in wet weather (5) (21st and several days following).


Hands and feet get numb early during proving. (2) Small varicose veins. (5)


Extremely restless during night, compelled to move constantly (1) (Rhus—11th day). Not able to rest in bed, must walk the floor to ease mind and yet has no mental trouble (3) (6th day). Restless after stools (7) (11th day). Hysterical fainting at 7:30 P. M. (3) (an old symptom 11th day). Fainting from nervousness (6) (30th day).


Unusually sound sleep during entire night (1) (7th day). The night was full of horrible dreams of drunken people, dead people, naked people, robbers, indecent conduct of men and women (1) (7th day). While sleeping in afternoon the breathing ceased and she awoke suffocating1 (8th day). Sleepless until 3 A. M. (1) (9th day). Wakeful with horrible anxiety and feeling that she must die1 (many nights). Wakeful until 3 A. M. with anxiety. Sleepless until 1 A. M. (10th day). Sleepless before, midnight (1) (11th day). Restless all night, could not lie in one place long enough to go to sleep (1) (12th day). Dreams of wandering in the field with cattle, with fear of being hurt (3) (3d day). Dreams of male animals following her in the field to injure her (3) (6th day). Wakeful until midnight. (3) Dreams of seeing animals copulating (two provers). DREAMS OF RAPE (confirmed). Late falling to sleep; voluptuous dreams (3) (8th day). Wakeful night with dreams of animals; voluptuous dreams (3) (9th day). Dreams of male and female terrapin. Wakeful, after these dreams of animals (3) (13th day). Dreams of wandering; of naked people; of wild animals pursuing her (3) (14th day). Vivid dreams first night. (2) Vivid, horrible dreams; of dissecting living and dead people; of going up and down ditches; being in peril of engines; woke feeling as though that part of abdomen, the umbilicus, was not sufficiently expanded (constriction)2 (2d day). Dreams confused2 (3d day). Sleepy at dark (4th day). Dreams, horrible; of the dead; seeing dead infants (2) (5th day). Very sleepy at 9 A. M., can hardly hold eyes open while people are talking to me (2) (6th and 7th days). Dreams vivid and pleasant (2) (13th day). Dreams vivid and fantastic (2) (6th day). Dreams vivid5 (6th, 7th, 8th days). Dreamed had all the upper incisors pulled out (7) (8th day). Dreamed all night of snakes, they were coiled ready to strike, was bitten on left hand by one and hand swelled and pulse went up to 160 per minute (7) (9th day). Cold when in bed; not when had my clothes on (7) (10th day). Coldness of body, especially nates, early in bed, 8:307 (10th day). Sleepy at 11 A. M., took nap. Biting sensation in left temple on waking (7) (3d day—30th potency). Sleep ‘all night on left side without moving. Dreams of plotting to fire the town or any building (7) (4th day—30th potency). Tongue dry; saliva running upon the pillow during sleep (unusual). Body always cold in bed since began the proving (7) (5th day—30th potency).


Suffocating feeling after lying down in the evening (1) (7th day). At 3 P. M., most symptoms; chill, fever, thirst, dry mouth, constriction of neck. Most symptoms better in the morning. Tired at 10 A. M., wants to lie down. During breakfast, cutting pain in left hypochondrium. At 11 A. M. sleepy, took a nap.


Chill at 3 P. M., icy cold hands and feet. (1) Flushes of heat to face and head (1st day). Fever at 3 P. M., lasting until midnight. (1) Fever, afternoon and evening. At 3 p. M., dry mouth and lips, mouth feels parched, intense thirst, pulse 105, choking and sensation as if chest was filling up, causing constriction and difficult breathing (1) (10th day). Considerable chilliness (3) (10th day). Chilly all morning (3) (12th day). Very chilly, shiverings pass over body every few minutes, absent 9 to 10 P. M. (2) (5th day). The body feels flushed, but the contact of cold things is disagreeable, causing chills (2) (7th day). Chilly at night (2) (8th day). Feels flushed all over the body (2) (9th day). Face and hands feverish in afternoon (2) (12th day). At 10 P. M., cold chills in the back and chest, face and hands still burning (2) (12th day). Felt very cold for about a half hour, could not get warm even when wrapped up warmly (2) (12th day). Went to bed at 11 P. M., still feeling feverish (2) (12th day). Awoke at 5 A. M., still feeling flushed with fever (2) (13th day). At 10 P. M., hands hot and dry, nose cold (2) (14th day). Inclined to be chilly all day and more so at night, must keep wrapped warmly, even when feeling feverish (2) (14th day). Chilly at 11 A. M. (2) (16th day). Chilly, shaking and trembling with cold at night in bed (2) (16th day). Shivering in bed, during evening and night, though (10 P. M.) loaded with blankets (2) (17th day). Sensitive to draft of air. (2) Heat and chilly sensations alternate from 6 to 10 P. M. (5) (8th and 9th days). Chilly, yet face is burning (5) (10th day). Chilly, yet heat gives me a dull headache and makes me feel smothered (5) (12th day). Fever, beginning left side of face and spreading over body about 4 P. M. (6) (2d, 3d, 4th, 16th, 17th days). Chill from 9 to 11 A. M., worse from least motion, even moving finger (6) (2d, 3d, 4th, 16th, 17th days).


Sensation of warmth over region of liver (5) (many days). Sense of fluttering and beating, or throbbing in a small spot on the outer side of right thigh, near its middle, commenced at 5 P. M. At 6 and 7 P. M., same sensation under right breast, alternates with that sensation in the thigh. This beating sensation is next felt in left hypochondrium, then in stomach pit, then in right ankle (5) (18th day). Throbbing in left calf5 (19th day). Throbbing under right breast (5) (21st day). Heat over region of liver extends to heart region (5) (19th day). Cramping sensation (7) (1st day—30th potency). Sensation as though back were going to have a crick, while sitting on feet, < on left side, had to hold back with hands, soon passed off (7) (3d day—30th potency). Biting sensation, as of a fly (7) (3d day—30th potency).


ABSCESSES. Hard pain in left iliac bone (5) (1st day).


Immediately after lying down: suffocation; anxiety; palpitation; sinking; sensation of dying. Horrible anxiety comes over her on lying down at night, also on lying down in afternoon. Must lie with head drawn back, she chokes so. Compelled to move constantly, which seems to quiet for a moment; compelled to change position from restlessness. Sensitive to clothing about the body and neck. Symptoms > from heat, < evening and night. RESTLESS. Stomach symptoms > by belching. Catching sensation in back, < by holding with hands.


Spot on the right calf became red, then copper-colored; it seemed deep in the skin.(3) Some old scars from a burn, which became blue and deep red during the proving, have again become white. (2) Itching all over the body; flying over the body (2) (10th, 13th days).


Feeling of general anxiety throughout the body. (1) Feeling as if the entire body was enlarged to bursting.(1) All symptoms come on when lying down at night. (1) Tired at 10 A. M., wants to lie down. Weak, sick feeling all day3 (11th day). Has lost much flesh, emaciation spreading from above downward, about the neck and face, then mammse, then thighs and legs. Most of symptoms come after 3 P. M. (1) Weary. (2) (4th day). A dog was bitten and an abscess forms upon his neck, which has reopened three times; when it is about to open, he scratches it violently until it opens and discharges a yellow watery fluid. Tight clothing unbearable (2) (throughout the proving). Throbbing in entire body (2) (21st day). So tired, the weight of my clothing is burdensome (5) (4th, 5th, 6th days). Bloated feeling, lasting all day (7) (13th day). Lost from 10 to 20 lbs. during proving. (7)


Chamomilla antidoted its uterine haemorrhage. Cenchris antidotes Pulsatilla. Amm. c. > general symptoms.

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