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Caulophyllum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Caulophyllum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Weakness in the reproductive system of the woman. From weakness she is sterile, or she aborts in the early months of gestation. During parturition the contractions of the uterus are too feeble to expel the contents, and they are only tormenting. Labor-like pains during menstruation with drawing pains in the thighs and legs, and even the feet and toes. Uterine hemorrhage from inertia of the uterus. Relaxation of muscles and ligaments. Heaviness, and even prolapsus. Subinvolution. Excoriating leucorrhea. Menses too soon, or too late. She is sensitive to cold and wants warm clothing, quite unlike Pulsatilla. She is hysterical, like Ignatia. She is fretful and apprehensive. She is rheumatic, like Cimicifuga, only the small joints are likely to be affected. Later she suffers from after pains, and they are felt in the inguinal region. Rheumatic stiffness of the back, and very sensitive spine. She is sleepless, restless, and withal very excitable. This remedy has cured chorea at puberty when menstruation was late.

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