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Calcarea Silicata | Materia Medica by J. T. kent

Calcarea Silicata | Materia Medica by J. T. kent

The silicate of lime is a very deep-acting remedy. The symptoms come on during all parts of the day and night—MORNING, forenoon, afternoon, EVENING, NIGHT, AFTER MIDNIGHT. It acts profoundly upon the skin, mucous membranes, bones and glands. Abscesses, catarrhal discharges, ulcers, are marked with THICKGREENISH-YELLOW PUS. Thick, greenish-yellow expectoration. Aversion to the open air. Extreme sensitiveness to drafts. One prover felt better in open air; very sensitive to wine and alcoholic stimulants. Marked paleness as in anaemia. Weakness and out of breath ascending stairs, like CALCAREA. Aversion to bathing and worse from bathing; especially cold bathing makes worse, in a prover who had always enjoyed cold bathing. Complaints worse after breakfast. It has cured epithelioma and lupus. From what is known of both calcarea and silica it ought to be a remedy in caries where the symptoms agree. Change of weather, from warm to cold, makes all symptoms worse. Many symptoms are worse after coition. Worse from cold in general, cold air, becoming cold and after becoming cold; worse in cold, wet Weather. Takes cold in cold weather; seems to be constantly taking cold; many internal congestions. Contraction of orifices, a convulsive tendency. It greatly mitigates the constitutional condition in patients suffering from epilepsy, making the fits lighter and farther apart. The veins are greatly distended and a sensation of fullness in many parts. The symptoms are worse during and AFTER EATING. Emaciation is marked and especially in children who have inherited phthisis. Weakness, night sweats and seminal emission. The least exertion prostrates and increases many symptoms. Faintness creeps over her. The muscles become flabby. He is more comfortable on low diet or when fasting; cold food, cold milk and cold drinks make many complaints worse. The mucous membranes bleed easily. Hemorrhage from throat, nose, larynx and chest. He is cold all the time; marked lack of vital heat. One chilly prover became warm after the proving, curative action. Great aggravation from being overheated. The body feels heavy and the organs drag down. Inflammation in external and internal parts; in BONES and GLANDS. Extremely sensitive to a jar in all internal parts. Lassitude day and night, but worse evening and night; must lie down all the time.

The muscles, tendons and joints are weak and easily strained. The weakness is much like arsenicum and china, or as though from loss of fluids. He is most comfortable when lying in bed on the back; lying helps most symptoms; after lying a while he seems very well, but as soon as he walks about all the lassitude returns and he must lie down. Many symptoms come at the menstrual period—before, during and after. All symptoms are worse from motion. Mucous secretions increased and greenish-yellow. Numbness of single parts, of parts lain on and of painful parts. The weakness suggests it in complaints following onanism. The blood seems to rush from body to head with great flushes of heat.

The pains are boring, burning, CUTTING, jerking, pressing, bruised, STITCHING, TEARING. Burning in internal parts. The function of organs and glands much impaired and slow. Slow digestion, slow action of bowels and liver. Periodicity is marked in many symptoms. When perspiring a slight draft or cold air will suppress the sweat and he becomes lame and the symptoms in general are worse. Pulsation all over the body—internal and external.

Sensitive all over, sensitive to pain; sore internally. The bones are sore to touch. Its symptoms are like those that have come on from sexual excesses. The weakness and many other symptoms are worse standing. Stiffness in body, back and limbs when cold, after exertion and after sweating. It has swelling from dropsy and from inflammation; swelling of affected parts, of GLANDS with hardness. Touch aggravates many parts and he dreads being touched. Trembling all over and in limbs, much twitching of muscles. It is most useful in restraining malignant ulceration in the mammary gland. Symptoms worse from uncovering. Walking fast and walking in cold air makes him worse. Great weakness, especially in the morning on waking, after least exertion, from mental exertion, walking in open air. Great nervous weakness. HE IS ALWAYS SO WEARY. Wet weather brings out all his sufferings. It seems that he can hardly get through the winter, so much are his symptoms increased, and he is correspondingly improved in the summer.

He is absent-minded and excitable and easily angered and his symptoms are worse after anger. Symptoms worse when alone. Anxiety in evening in bed and during the night about her health, worse during menses and on waking in the morning. Wants many things and soon tires of them; desires the unobtainable; nothing suits and he is very critical. Inability to concentrate the mind on what he is reading or listening to. He has lost all confidence in himself. CONFUSION of mind in the morning on waking and in the evening, after eating, after MENTAL EXERTION and while sitting. Consolation irritates him; contrary and timid, even cowardly. She sits long in one place and looks into space and does not answer when spoken to. Passive delirium; talks and acts like one insane; talking to imaginary people who have long been dead. Talks nonsense and foolish things; talks coherently, but about impossible things. Answers questions correctly and goes off into muttering. Wants to go out of the window. Thinks her husband, long dead, is in the next room, and grieves because they will not let her go to him; her living son she calls by the name of one long dead. Mutters foolish things and sees dead people. She wanders all night in her room without sleep. She seems to see and converse with dead friends, with her dead son and her dead husband; wants to get dinner for her dead husband. She imagines her husband will starve if she does not find him. Many delusions about dead people; sees dead people and corpses; she sees dogs and images nights. Horrible visions; sees disagreeable persons when half awake. Illusions of fancy; she hears voices and answers the voices of the dead. Discontent and DESPAIR; discouraged about her disease and thinks it proving an incurable disease. Dullness of mind; imaginary fears and vexations after mental exertion. Emotional and easily moved to laughter or tears; exaltation of fancy. Exertion of mind aggravates all mental and many physical symptoms. Great fear at night; fear of brain lesion with headache in the morning; fear about family matters also about financial matters; fear or dread of work or any exertion. Complaints from fear. He is so forgetful that he cannot recall the sentence just spoken. EASILY FRIGHTENED, all the time in a hurry. Many hysterical manifestations, and at night his ideas are abundant, but in daytime deficient. Many of the mental symptoms and his appearance are like one approaching imbecility. He is very impatient with everything and everybody. “Utterly ambitionless,” no desire for physical or mental work and aversion to exercise. Irresolution. Marked irritability in the morning and evening, after coition, from consolation, during headache, about trifles. Lamenting and wailing. Lascivious. Loathing of life. Memory very weak. Mistakes in speaking; misplaces words. Changeable mood, morose, generally better when occupied; during the proving mild and yielding. Extreme prostration of mind; restless and anxious during the night; sadness in the morning and during the day; sadness during heat. MENTAL DEPRESSION without cause. Dullness of the senses; very sensitive to noise and to mild rebuke from a friend. The mental symptoms are worse from sexual excesses. Shrieking during sleep. Easily startled. Starting during sleep. Stupefaction and disposition to suicide; indisposed to talk or to be talked to, and inclined to sit in silence. Timid and bashful. She is unconscious and her conduct is automatic; weary of life. Weeping at night, in sleep; almost impossible to keep from bursting into sobs from imaginary fears and worries; sits and weeps by the hour; the will is almost lost; great aversion to mental work.

Vertigo, morning on rising, after rising, in evening, tendency to fall backward during headache. VERTIGO, looking upwards, while lying, from mental exertion, with nausea, on rising from stooping, while sitting, on stooping, while walking in the open air.

Coldness of the head, especially of occiput, and on vertex; congestion of the head at night, and when coughing; constriction of the forehead; eruptions on the scalp; crusts, eczema, pustules; the head inclines to fall forward; marked sensation of fullness in the head. There is bristling of the hair; the hair falls out. Heat in the whole head, worse in forehead, in the evening. Heaviness in the head in the morning; heaviness in forehead. HYDROCEPHALUS. Itching scalp; itching occiput. Sensation as if the brain was in motion.

The head pains are severe and in all parts of the head. Worse MORNING,, BUT felt also afternoon and evening, lasting all night; worse from COLD AIR and A DRAFT; ascending steps; binding up the hair, in women; after coition; becoming cold, from taking cold; from cold, damp weather; with coryza; after eating; also worse from becoming overheated, and during heat with hammering; WORSE FROM JAR; FROM LIGHT; must lie down; worse before and during menses; FROM MENTAL EXERTION; worse from moving about the room, from moving the head, FROM NOISE. The pain comes in paroxysms. It cures periodical headaches that come every day or only once each week; pulsating headaches. Pain is worse AFTER SLEEP, from stimulants, stooping and stepping heavily, and from taking cold. Headache from EYE STRAIN. Head pains from touch, walking, wine, writing. The pains extend to occiput and nape of the neck. Aching deep in the brain, with pulsation on motion. Hard pain in forehead in the morning; steady dull heavy pain, better after eating and occupation; worse from mental exertion, MOTION, and walking and writing; better from perfect rest. Headache morning on waking; worse lying, worse rising from bed, better by occupation, better standing and walking. Severe headache in the forehead; pain over the eyes, pulsating; worse walking, worse from motion, better from lying, heat and pressure. Hard pain in occiput, and sides of the head, worse in right side. Severe pain in temples and vertex; burning pain in head; bursting pain in head, mostly in vertex; cutting in head; drawing pain in forehead and occiput; dull pain in whole head in the morning. Jerking with the pain like a jerking pain. Pressing pains in forehead; OCCIPUT, sides of occiput, TEMPLES and VERTEX. Pressing-out pain in forehead. Shooting pains in whole head. Shooting in occiput. Scalp is sore to touch and whole brain is sensitive to motion and jar, as if bruised. Stitching pains in forehead, occiput, sides of head and temples. The pain is so violent that HE FEELS STUNNED; tearing in the FOREHEAD and frontal eminence, OCCIPUT and temples. Perspiration of the whole scalp; perspiration of FOREHEAD. Pulsating in forehead and whole head. Shaking or undulating sensation in brain. Twitching of muscles of head.

The eyelids are agglutinated with pus. It has cured CATARACT. Discharges from the eye of thick, greenish-yellow mucus and pus. Heaviness of the lids. Inflammation of the conjunctiva with thick discharges, also of lids. Injected, dark veins. Itching of the eyes. Lachrymation in open air, lachrymation of right eye with coryza. It has cured opacity of the cornea. Very severe pain in the eyes, worse from light, before and during a storm, with redness. The pains are burning, cutting, pressing, as though sand in the eyes; sore, bruised, stitching, and TEARING. Paralysis of the optic nerve; PHOTOPHOBIA; pulsation in the eyes and the pupils are contracted; marked redness in eyes, especially inner canthi, of lids, of veins; spots on the cornea; swollen lids; twitching of the lids. It has cured ulceration of the cornea. The eyes look weak.

Colors before the eyes, spots, floating spots, dark colors. Dazzling. Cannot see to read with the usual glasses. He thought he was going blind. Hypermetropia. Exertion of vision causes headaches and many nervous symptoms; flickering and foggy visions before the eyes; dimness of vision; sparks before the eyes.

From the ear there is an offensive, PURULENT, THICK yellow and greenish-yellow discharge; watery offensive discharge; bloody, watery discharge. Flapping in the ears. The ears are hot. Itching deep in ears. Noises in ears, cracking in ears when chewing. Fluttering in ears. Humming, ringing, roaring and whizzing in ears; violent drawing, jerking, stitching, tearing pain in ears. There is pulsation with and without pain; swelling inside with stopped feeling; increased wax in ears; twitching in the ears. Hearing first acute, later IMPAIRED.

It causes vicious catarrh of nose and posterior NARES, extending to frontal sinuses in tubercular constitutions, chronic coryza with cough; CORYZA with discharges fluent in open air, but patient feels better himself. It has cured many cases of hay fever. Copious discharges in morning after rising; albuminous and shiny in the daytime. Crusts blown out of nose. Hard crusts, excoriating, greenish, OFFENSIVE, PURULENT, THICK and YELLOW OR YELLOWISH GREEN; copious, bloody, thin or watery discharges. Extreme dryness inside of nose. Epistaxis, bright red blood, on blowing nose; itching inside of nose; obstruction at night and in morning on rising. It is a most useful remedy in OZOENA. Much pain high up in nose, in root of nose; soreness inside of nose; stitching pains in nose; polypus in nose has been cured by this remedy. Sense of smell at first acute, later diminished and finally lost. Sneezing, ulceration in nose; swelling of the nose.

The face is very pale, an earthly color; lips bluish and cracked; red face during headache; circumscribed red cheeks; dryness of the lips. Eruptions of the face, cheeks, chin, forehead, lips, on the nose, and around the mouth. ACNE, boils, comedones, ECZEMA, herpes pimples; scurfy eruptions on the face; the face is hot and red. Inflammation and suppuration of the parotid gland. Pain in face from cold, better by WARMTH. The pains of the face are boring, drawing, stitching and tearing. Perspiration of the face and scalp. Swelling of glands; swelling of the parotid and SUBMAXILLARY glands.

Mucous membranes of mouth covered with aphthae and the gums bleed; the tongue is coated white; the mouth is very dry, but at times copious mucus; offensive, even putrid odor from the mouth. The tongue is very sore, saliva is copious and speech is difficult. Swollen gums and tongue; bad taste, alkaline, bitter in the morning, metallic, putrid, sour. Taste is sometimes wanting. Ulceration of mucous membrane, lower lip, on left side; stinging, smarting, splinter-like pain, spreading, painful to pressure, lardacious, inflamed edges; small ulcer appeared on right side. The teeth become loose and feel as though too long; caries of the teeth. Pain in the teeth at night. The teeth are very sore when masticating; pain worse from cold air, from anything cold in the mouth; while eating, after sleep, better from external warmth and warm things in the mouth. The pains are boring, digging, drawing, JERKING, piercing, pressing, STITCHING and tearing.

Inflammation of the throat, pharynx and tonsils with dryness and redness; constant effort to clear the throat, worse in the morning. Tenacious mucus in the throat; lump in the throat. Much pain in the throat on becoming cold, on coughing, on swallowing. Sore pain and burning; splinter-like pain on swallowing. Stitching pain on swallowing; swallowing is difficult. Tonsils and uvula swollen; ulceration in the throat. Pain and swelling in cervical glands. Induration in the glands of the neck. It has cured goitre.

A feeling of anxiety in the stomach. The appetite is at first increased, then ravenous, and finally wanting, with aversion to food, especially to meat and milk. Some provers desire sour things and milk. Sensation of coldness in the stomach; sensation of emptiness not relieved by eating; sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach; eructations in the morning, after eating; bitter, empty, tasting like food eaten; SOURWATERBRASH. HEARTBURN. Hiccough. Fullness in stomach after eating; loathing of food. Nausea in the MORNING, afternoon, evening, night; while eating, after eating, better after empty eructations, during headache, while walking. Pain in stomach, evening and night; after cold drinks, on coughing, after eating, while walking in the open air. The pains are burning, cramping, CUTTING, PRESSING, BRUISED and stitching; pressing pains in evening after eating, like a weight. Pulsation in the stomach; sensation of a stone in the stomach; marked sensation of tension. Thirst afternoon and NIGHT; BURNING THIRST; EXTREME THIRST. Vomiting morning and night; on coughing, after drinking, after eating, during headache, after milk; vomiting bile, bitter substance, black BLOOD, FOOD, mucus, watery substances.

Distension of the abdomen after eating; dropsy of the abdomen, enlarged liver. Flatulence with much rumbling and fullness. The abdomen is very hard, the liver is hard. Inflammation of the peritoneum. Sensation of movements in the abdomen from flatus. Pain morning and NIGHT; pain before menses; pain in right hypochondrium; pain in liver and in the inguinal region. The pains are burning, CRAMPING, cutting, PRESSING, stitching, tearing, twisting, stitching pains in sides of abdomen and in liver. Marked tension in abdomen; tympanitic abdomen.

Extreme constipation, with inactivity of the rectum; DIFFICULT stool, paralyzed feeling in rectum; constriction of anus; constipation, with dry stool, HARD, knotty, LARGE and soft, LIGHT COLORED, with much straining. Diarrhoea painless, with stool copious, lienteric, OFFENSIVE, even putrid, sour, pasty, thin and watery. Dysentery; with bloody, scanty stools. Copious, offensive flatus. It has cured fistula in anus. Itching and crawling of anus. Hemorrhoids protrude during stool, sore to touch, worse When walking. Bleeding from rectum and anus with stool; itching after stool. Moisture about the anus, pain during and after stool, burning during and after stool. Pains are pressing, stitching and TEARING; marked soreness of anus. Paralyzed feeling in rectum. Stricture of the rectum not allowing feces to pass larger than a pencil, was cured. Tenesmus. Much urging to stool, urging during stool; ineffectual urging.

Tenesmus of bladder and retention of urine, pressing pain in the bladder, catarrh of the bladder with much mucus in the urine; urging to urinate at night, worse moving about, better lying. Sudden urging, ineffectual urging. Frequent urination during the night; involuntary urination during night in sleep; unsatisfactory urination. The urine is scanty.

The prostate gland is enlarged and tender; emission of prostatic fluid when straining to pass stool.

Urethral discharge purulent, greenish, yellow; cutting and burning urination. It has cured stricture of the urethra. The urine is copious, later scanty, red, cloudy, burning, containing mucus, with sediment purulent and sandy It has cured diabetes mellitus.

Erection at night without thought or dreams; eruptions on the genitals of the male, on the prepuce. It has cured hydrocele and induration of testes. Marked redness of glans penis; itching of glans penis and scrotum; stitching pain in penis. Foul sweat on the male genitals. Sweat on the scrotum. SEMINAL EMISSIONS. Sexual passion increased, sexual desire strong without erections. Swollen testes.

In the female the desire is increased; eruptions on the vulva with much itching. Heaviness of the uterus and prolapsus. Leucorrhoea excoriating, bloody, COPIOUS, before and after menses, milky, white or purulent and yellow or yellowish-green. Menstrual flow acrid, bright red, copious, too soon, protracted, or scanty; menstrual flow absent or suppressed, painful and irregular. Flow of blood between the menstrual periods; pain in the uterus, aching, burning, labor-like and tearing; soreness in the genitals; ulceration of labia, vagina and os uteri.

Chronic irritation of the air passages, larynx and trachea; catarrh of the larynx and trachea, with copious yellow-green mucus; rawness in larynx and trachea; phthisis of the larynx. He constantly scrapes the larynx. Tickling in the larynx and trachea. Respiration fast, ASTHMATIC, deep; difficult during cough and when lying, ratting, short, sighing and suffocative.

It is one of our greatest cough remedies in phthisical subjects. The cough comes at NIGHT, but also morning after rising, and in evening in bed. Cough from cold air, from cold damp air, asthmatic, from cold drinks. It has a dry cough at night, with much expectoration in the morning; cough during fever; hacking, hoarse cough; cough from irritation of larynx and trachea; hoarse cough, especially in the morning; paroxysmal, spasmodic cough in the evening racking the whole body. Cough worse lying, talking; virulent cough after waking in the morning. Expectoration in the MORNING, BLOODY, GREENISH-YELLOW, COPIOUS, offensive, PURULENT, thick, viscid—sometimes white. It has cured abscesses of lungs and axilla. It has restrained cancerous ulceration of mammae. It has cured desperate cases of catarrh of the bronchial tubes, constriction of chest, eruption of chest and excoriation of the nipples. Hemorrhage of the lungs. Chronic inflammation of bronchial tubes and lungs. Oppression of the chest. The milk is suppressed or absent. Pain in both lungs. Pain in chest during cough, on inspiration, on deep breathing. Pain in the sides of chest. The pains in the chest are burning, PRESSING, soreness, stitching and rawness in chest. Stitching pains on inspiring, in sides of chest, and in the mammary glands. Palpitation of the heart AT NIGHT, after eating, from EXERTION, and even from slight motion. Perspiration all over the chest. PHTHISICAL CONDITIONS. Extreme weakness of chest.

The back feels cold and there is a sensation of coldness in back of neck and sacrum. Eruption in the cervical region, pimples and pustules. Itching of the back. MUCH PAIN IN THE BACK, especially AT NIGHT. Pain in back DURING MENSES, on motion, rising from sitting and while sitting. Pain in the cervical region, scapula and in the spine between the scapula; pain in lumbar region when RISING FROM A SEAT; pain in coccyx. Hard aching in the back, in lumbar region when rising from a seat, and in the sacrum. Drawing pain in the lumbar region, pressing pain in the lumbar region. The spine is sore to touch in many places. Stitching pains in the cervical region, scapulae, lumbar region and sacrum. Tearing pains in the cervical region. Perspiration on the back, worse on the back of the neck. STIFFNESS OF THE BACKESPECIALLY OF THE CERVICAL REGION; STIFF NECK. Tension in the cervical region. WEAKNESS OF THE BACK. Weakness of the lumbar region.

It is a remedy for gouty nodosites of the fingers, awkwardness of the limbs, caries of the bone, chapped hands; chronic jerking of muscles; coldness of all the limbs, hands, palms, lower limbs, LEGS, FEET, EVENING AND NIGHT. Contractions of tendons of hands and fingers. Many corns, painful SORE and STINGING. CRACKED HANDS and FINGERS. Cramps in hands, lower limbs, CALF, FEET, SOLES, TOES. Eruptions, vescicles, boils on the upper limbs, vescicles on the upper limbs and fingers; eruptions on lower limbs, itching, pimples. Boils on the thighs; felons on the fingers. Heat of hands, palms, of the feet. Heaviness of all the limbs, especially of LEGS AND FEET. It has been of great service in hip joint disease; inflammation of all the joints. Intense itching of all the limbs, thighs and legs. The nails have ceased to grow for two years; the nails are hard and brittle. Numbness of all the limbs; upper limbs numb when lying on them; numbness of HANDS and FINGERS; numbness of lower limbs, legs and feet when sitting. Rheumatic and gouty pains in limbs, JOINTS and BONES, evening and night. Pain in upper limbs at night, worse from cold, motion and taking hold of anything; pain in shoulders, upper arm, elbow, forearm, fingers and finger joints; pain in the lower limbs; pain in the sciatic nerve; violent pains in the hip joint; pain in the hip joint as if an abscess were forming; pain in thigh, knee, calf, foot and toes. Aching in all the limbs, with stiffness in cold, damp weather; aching in the shoulder, worse from motion. Burning feet and soles. Drawing pain in upper arm, forearm, wrist and hand; drawing pain in the knee and leg. Sore, bruised pains in upper limbs and thighs. Sensation as if sprained in wrist and ankle. Stitching pains in the JOINTS. Stitching pains in the shoulders, upper arm, elbow, wrist and fingers. Stitching pains in hips, knees, calf, ankle, foot, sole, heel, toes, especially the GREAT TOE. Tearing pain in shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, ringers and finger-joints; tearing pain in thighs, knee, LEG, calf, FOOT, soles, toes, and especially the great toe.

Sensation of paralysis in upper limbs and in the hands; paralysis in lower limbs. Cold sweat on all the limbs; cold sweat of PALMS, of hands; cold sweat of FEETOFFENSIVE COLD SWEAT OF FEET. Stiffness of all the limbs, JOINTS, HANDS, and FINGERS; stiffness of lower limbs, knees. Swelling of hands, KNEES, legs, ANKLES, feet. Tingling of the fingers; trembling of the upper limbs, of the hands, of the lower limbs; twitching of the upper limbs, thighs and legs. Ulceration of LOWER LIMBS, LEGS. Varicose veins. Warts on the hands; on the dorsum of the thumb; on the ball of the thumb; large, hard seed warts. Weakness of all the limbs, and especially the JOINTS. Weakness of thighs, KNEES, LEGS, calf and feet.

Dreams of anger, ANXIOUS, of business, confused, amorous, of the dead, of death, of disease, fantastic, fire, FRIGHTFUL, HORRIBLE, murder, nightmare, vivid, vexatious, visionary; dreams of sick people and caring for sick people; a hideous old woman’s face appeared in her dreams. Sleep is restless; sleepiness in the morning, forenoon and EVENING, after dinner, AFTER EATING; sleeplessness BEFORE MIDNIGHT; sleeplessness with sleepiness; sleepless from much thinking; after once waking cannot sleep again; unrefreshing sleep. Waking early and frequent. Yawning.

Chill in morning, forenoon and evening, in the open air, in the cold air, even in bed, after eating, external and internal, shaking chill; chill with trembling, from uncovering, warm room does not relieve, desires warmth, but it does not relieve; chilliness during stool. Fever forenoon and afternoon, but marked fever in EVENING AND NIGHT; fever alternating with chill; dry heat at night in bed; external heat with chilliness; flushes of heat. It is useful in hectic fevers. Mild fever EVENING and night. Heat with moist skin. Perspiration in the morning and latter part of the night; perspiration with great anxiety. Cold sweat mostly on the extremities; sweat from coughing, during and after eating, from exertion, from mental exertion; sweat from motion, from walking. PROFUSE hot sweat. Sweat of single parts; sweat during and after sleep; offensive, sour sweat, uncovering while sweating brings on many symptoms. If the perspiration becomes suppressed from uncovering, or from a draft, he suffers much.

Burning of the skin after scratching; the skin is cold to touch; the skin of hands and fingers cracked; the skin is discolored; bluish, liver spots, pale, red, red spots, WHITE SPOTS, yellow. Dry, burning skin and inability to perspire. Eruptions are biting, BURNING, ITCHING, painful, PHAGEDENIC, stinging. Boils and chapping and desquamating. ECZEMA and herpes. DRY, ITCHING, CRUSTING, stinging herpes, eruptions discharge a white, pus-like substance. There are pimples, PUSTULES, and red rashes; eruptions SCABBY and SCALY after scratching. Suppurating eruptions, nodular urticaria after scratching. VESICLES in many places. Erysipelas with swelling, worse from scratching. Excrescences form upon the skin; formication and goose-flesh.

Indurations. Intertrigo. Itching with and without eruptions, itching, biting, burning, crawling and stinging, worse after scratching. The itching is ameliorated by radiated heat It has cured lupus. The skin becomes moist after scratching. The skin is very sensitive, sore feeling, and sore, raw places on the skin; sticking and stinging after scratching. Ulceration of the skin and ulcers bluish, burning, cancerous, CRUSTY, DEEP, CORROSIVE, offensive with yellow pus, FISTULOUS, FOUL, INDOLENT, INDURATED, stinging, and UNHEALTHY. Warts painful, HARD, inflamed, stinging, suppurating and withered. It has cured wens and other cystic growths.

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