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Calcarea Iodata | Materia Medica by J. T. kent

Calcarea Iodata | Materia Medica by J. T. kent

The symptoms appear or are worse in the morning; afternoon; EVENING NIGHT; AFTER MIDNIGHT. It has produced abscesses. Strong desire for open air; open air excites and also ameliorates symptoms. The tendency is towards anaemia. There is general physical anxiety; asleep feeling in single parts; choreic movements. Becoming cold ameliorates many symptoms, but there is a tendency to take cold; cold weather aggravates. It is a most useful remedy in tuberculosis. It has cured convulsions; clonic; epileptiform; with falling. Convulsive movements. Many symptoms come on before eating and are better after eating; some symptoms are worse before and after eating. There is marked loss of flesh. Exertion is impossible. There are fainting spells, fainting in a warm room. Fasting brings on many symptoms. Feeling of fullness internally. Internal hemorrhage. It is a most useful remedy in induration, especially following inflammation. Great lassitude; lying ameliorates, but lying long in bed aggravates, as the patient is worse from the warm bed. There is surging of blood in the body; pains are numerous but mild and flitting, burning, cutting, jerking, pinching, pressing, stitching, tearing; there is more weakness than pain. He perspires easily and becomes chilled during sweat. Pulsation all over. Many of the symptoms are right-sided. Swelling of affected parts and glands; swelling that suppurates. TREMBLING and TWITCHING. The symptoms as well as the patient are worse from warmth, warm air, warm bed, warm room, warm wraps. GREAT GENERAL WEAKNESS; in the morning; during menses.

He becomes very angry over small matters. Frequent spells of anxiety; anxious over trifles. Aversion to company; confusion of mind; delusions; sees dead people. Despair; discontented; discouraged. Dullness of mind. Worse from mental exertion. Fear of insanity; of misfortune; of people. Impatience; indifference; indolence; irresolution. Irritability; during headache. Symptoms like insanity and mania. Mirthful. Mental prostration. Restless and anxious. EXTREME SADNESS. Dullness of the senses; starting in sleep; WEEPING. Vertigo in the morning on rising; while walking; with headache.

The head feels cold. There are congestion, heat and heaviness of the head; especially during menses. Crusty eruptions on the scalp. The hair falls out. It has cured Hydrocephalus. Itching of the scalp. Pain in the head; in the morning, binding up the hair makes the pain worse; with coryza and catarrh; compelled to lie down; before the menses; moving the head; noise; riding against a coId wind; stooping; talking; walking; warm room; wrapping up the head. Pain in the forehead above the eyes; in the OCCIPUT; pain in occiput before menses; sides of head but mostly in the right; temples, vertex. Pressing pain in forehead, occiput, sides of head, temples and VERTEX. Sharp pain in right temple. Shooting in head; in the occiput. Sore, bruised pain in head; Stitching pains in head, in the occiput, in sides of head, in temples, in vertex; stunning pains in the head; tearing pains in the head, in the temples. Perspiration on the scalp; on the forehead. Pulsation in the head; forehead; temples.

Dullness of the eyes; inflammation of the conjunctiva; scrofulous inflammation of the eyes. Lachrymation. Pain in the eyes; burning in the eyes. The ball of the eye is tender to touch. Protrusion of the eyes, exophthalmos. PUPILS DILATED. Redness of the eyes; of the lids; sunken eyes; swollen lids; twitching lids. Weak eyes. Vision foggy, dim. Colors before the eyes; sparks.

Catarrh of the eustachian tubes; discharge from the ears. The ears are hot. Noises in the ears; buzzing, humming, ringing, roaring. Pain in the ear; pressing, tearing. Hearing acute; later impaired.

Catarrh of the nose, also of the posterior nares; redness of the nose. Coryza FLUENT and dry. Discharges from the nose; excoriating; fetid; greenish; purulent; thick; watery; yellow. Dryness in the nose. Epistaxis. The nose is obstructed and smell is lost; much SNEEZING. The nose is swollen.

The face is cold and sunken and the muscles twitch. The face is discolored, earthy PALE, red, YELLOW. Scaly eruptions on the face. Pain in the face. Swollen submaxillary gland.

Aphthse in the mouth; the gums bleed easily; the tongue is fissured; dryness of the tongue. Offensive odor from the mouth. Pain in the gums; teeth, and tongue burns. Salivation. Swollen gums and tongue. Taste astringent, bad, bitter, sour, sweetish. Ulceration in the mouth.

Dryness and constriction of the throat; enlarged tonsils, honeycombed with small crypts; viscid mucus in the throat. Pain in the throat on swallowing; pressing pain. External throat swollen; many hard glands. It has cured GOITRE, even exophthalmic goitre.

Appetite INCREASED, ravenous or WANTING; aversion to food. Desires stimulants. Eructations empty; sour; waterbrash; heartburn. Fullness in the stomach; flushes of heat in the stomach. Hiccough. Nausea at night and after eating. Pain in the stomach after eating; burning, cramping, cutting, PRESSING, SORE, stitching. PULSATING in the stomach. Thirst extreme, unquenchable. Vomiting on coughing, after eating, bile, blood, food.

Distension of the abdomen, tympanitic. Enlarged abdomen, mesenteric glands, spleen. Flatulence; obstructed. Hardness of the liver, mesenteric glands. Pain in abdomen; during menses, in hypochrondria, in liver; burning, cramping, CUTTING, pressing in the hypogastrium. Pulsation in abdomen. Rumbling.

Constipation; inactivity of the rectum; difficult stool; hard stool. Diarrhoea; evening, after eating. Exhausting; stool bloody, copious, watery, white, yellow; passing of copious flatus. Hemorrhoid. ITCHING of the anus; burning after stool; tenesmus after stool; ineffectual urging to stool.

Retention or suppression of urine; much urging at night; frequent urination during the night; involuntary urination. Frequent paroxysms if busy; stinging pain in neck of bladder with frequent urging to urinate. It has been useful in Addison’s disease. The urine is acrid, albuminous, cloudy, dark, pale, red, copious, with offensive odor and cuticle on the surface.

Erections wanting; seminal emissions; sexual passion increased without erections. Pain in the testes; induration of testes; swollen testes.

Sexual desire increased in the woman; congestion of the uterus. LEUCORRHOEA acrid, bloody, copious, yellow. Menses absent, COPIOUS, frequent, irregular, painful, suppressed. Metrorrhagia. Pain in ovaries and uterus. Sterility. Tumors on ovaries. Pain in both ovaries before menses.

Catarrh of the larynx and trachea; constriction, croup. Inflammation of the larynx; mucus in the air passages; pain in the larynx; phthisis of larynx; tickling in the larynx. HOARSENESS.

Accelerated respiration, asthmatic, difficult at night and on ascending steps; rattling, short. Suffocation.

Cough morning; evening, after midnight, asthmatic, DRY; from irritation in the larynx and trachea, short, SPASMODIC; from tickling in the larynx. Expectoration: morning; bloody, greenish, mucus, offensive, purulent, viscid, yellow. Violent, hard cough after pneumonia.

Anxiety in chest and heart; catarrh of the bronchial tubes; constriction of the heart. Induration of the mammae. Inflammation of the bronchial tubes, of the pleura; oppression of the chest; pain in the chest on coughing; in the heart; burning, cutting, pressing, rawness; stitching on coughing; stitching in mammae. Palpitation of the heart, warm during the night. PHTHISIS. TREMBLING IN THE HEART. It has cured nodular tumors in mammae, tender to touch, painful on moving the arm.

Pain in the sacrum; soreness in the spine; stitching pain in back and lumbar region.

Enlarged points of the fingers; coldness of the upper limbs, hands, legs, feet; cramps in the feet; heat of the hands; heaviness of the limbs; of the feet; itching of the limbs; numbness of the hands, fingers, lower limbs, legs; pain in the limbs, in the joints; in gouty joints; in the thighs, in the knees. Stitching pain in the shoulders, in the knees. Tearing in the joints, in the upper limbs, in the elbow, in the knees; perspiration of the hands, of the palms, of the FEET; stiffness in the limbs; swelling of the hands, legs, knees, feet; ïedematous; trembling of upper limbs, of the hands, lower limbs; twitching of the upper limbs, thighs, legs; weakness of the upper limbs, of the knees.

Dreams amorous, anxious, of dead people; nightmare vivid. Restless sleep; sleepiness in the evening; sleeplessness ; waking too early.

Chill, external, internal; SHAKING CHILL; tertian; warmth does not ameliorate.

Fever in the afternoon; fever alternating with chill; FLUSHES OF HEAT; hectic fever.

Perspiration in the morning; during the night; in bed; cold; on SLIGHT EXERTION; on motion; profuse.

Burning of the skin; coldness. Red and yellow spots. Dry skin; eruptions, boils, herpes, rash, scaly. Erysipelas.

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