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Barium Iodatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Barium Iodatum | Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

Complaints come on in the morning; afternoon; evening; night; after midnight; strong desire for open air; better in open air; better in cold air. Takes cold easily; worse in cold, wet weather. Congestion of many parts. Convulsive action of muscles. Feels worse before eating and when fasting; worse after eating; some symptoms are better after eating. Emaciation. Exertion aggravates most symptoms. Fainting spells. Formication all over body. General sensation of fullness. Easy hemorrhage. Induration in many parts; in glands. Inflammation or congestion in internal organs; in glands. Lassitude; continued lying rests him. Lying on the back aggravates. Lying in bed increases some symptoms. Worse before and during menses. Motion increases the symptoms. Pain in bones and glands. Pressing, sore, stitching pains. Tearing in many parts; downward; in muscles. It suits the complaints of plethoric people. Pressure aggravates many symptoms. Pulsation all over body. Pulse fast; full; hard; small. Very sensitive to pain; glands sensitive. Swelling and inflammation of affected parts and of glands. Tension all over body. Touch aggravates. Trembling and twitching. Walking aggravates all symptoms. Worse from warmth in general; in a warm room; on becoming warm. Weakness; during menses, nervous; while walking.

Anger, anxiety and aversion to company. Concentration of mind difficult. Confusion of mind. Timidity even cowardly. Delusion; thinks he sees dead people. Illusions of fancy. Marked dullness of mind. Fear of evil and of people. Memory weak; very forgetful. She feels hurried and hysterical. Impatience. Irresolution; indolence; indifference. Talkative and irritable. Mental weakness marked. Alternation of moods. Marked restlessness. Sadness and weeping. Over-sensitive to noise. Desire to sit and brood over events. Vertigo while lying, stooping; walking.

The head feels cold. Heat and hyperaemia of head evening and night. Heaviness of head. Pain in head; morning on rising; forenoon; afternoon; better or worse in open air; worse binding up the hair; from noise; while walking; warm room. Pain in forehead; right side; evening; above eyes; occiput, side of head; temples. Bruised pain in head. Pressing pain in head; in forehead; over eyes; in occiput; temples; vertex. Shooting in occiput; stitching”in head; occiput; sides of head; temples. Stunning pains. Tearing in vertex. Perspiration of scalp. Pulsation in forehead and temples.

Inflammation of conjunctiva. Tubercular iritis. Itching of eyes. Opacity of the cornea. Pain in eyes worse from light; aching; burning; pressing; as from sand; tender feeling. Photophobia; protrusion; pupils dilated. Redness of eyes and lids. Swollen lids. Vision dim; diplopia; flickering; foggy; sparks; weak.

Discharge of pus from ear. Sensation of flapping in ears. Noises in ears; when chewing; buzzing; fluttering; ringing; roaring. Tearing pain in ears. Stopped feeling in ears. Hearing acute for noise; impaired.

Catarrh of nose; discharge bloody; copious; hard mucus ; thick; yellow; post nasal. Redness of nose. Dryness in nose. Fluent coryza with cough. Epistaxis on blowing nose. Obstruction of nose at night. Pain in nose; in root of nose. Frequent sneezing. The nose is swollen and red.

Coldness of face. The face is congested and red; the lips are blue; face sometimes pale and sometimes circum-ambient redness. Face looks drawn and shrunken. Emaciated. Eruption on face and nose; boils and pimples. Pain in face; in submaxillary gland. Swelling of glands of lower jaw; parotid gland; submaxillary gland.

Bleeding gums, cracked tongue. The gums are de-tached from the teeth and the teeth become loose. Dry mouth in morning; dry tongue. Mucus in mouth which is offensive, even putrid. Burning tongue; sore gums. Salivation. Swollen gums. Taste bad; bitter; sour. Drawing and tearing in teeth.

Throat dry and constricted. The tonsils are enlarged. Inflammation with marked swelling of tonsils. Membranous exudation in throat. Pain in throat on empty swallowing; burning. Swallowing difficult. Swollen and indurated glands of neck.

Appetite diminished; increased, even ravenous with emaciation; without relish of food; wanting, aversion to food. Emptiness. Eructations: empty; sour; waterbrash; ameliorate. Fullness and heartburn. Flashes of heat in stomach. Heaviness after eating. Indigestion with hiccough. Nausea and loathing of food. Inflammation of stomach. Pain in stomach after eating; cramping; gnawing; pressing; soreness; stitching. Retching. Feeling of tension in stomach. Thirst extreme; unquenchable. Vomiting bile; watery.

Distension of abdomen; enlarged mesenteric glands. Flatulence; rumbling. Pain in abdomen; after eating; before and during menses; in hypochondria; inguinal region; umbilical region; cramping; cutting; drawing; pressing in hypogastrium; stitching in hypochondria and sides of abdomen. Distension of abdomen.

Constipation; difficult stool; inactivity of rectum; insufficient stool; hard, knotty stool. Diarrhoea with yellow, watery stools, much flatus, external piles. Itching anus. Pain in rectum; burning after stool; tenesmus. Ineffectual urging to stool.

Retention of urine; constant; frequent. Urination frequent at night; involuntary. Enlarged prostate gland. Urine copious.

Induration of testes. Erections wanting. Seminal emissions. In the female the desire is increased. Leucorrhoea bloody; before menses. Menses copious; frequent; painful; short; suppressed.

Mucus in the trachea. Voice: hoarse; lost; rough, weak. Respiration fast; asthmatic; difficult at night and on ascending; rattling; short; suffocative.

Cough morning; evening; asthmatic; dry in morning; from irritation in larynx or trachea; rattling; spasmodic; suffocative; as talking; from tickling in larynx and trachea. Expectoration in morning and evening; difficult; mucus; purulent; salty; viscid; yellow.

Catarrh of chest. Constriction of chest. Inflammation bronchial tubes; of lungs. Oppression of chest. Pain in chest; stitching in chest and in mammas. Palpitation of heart; night; tumultuous. Paralysis of lungs. Swollen axillary glands.

Pain in sacrum; stitching pain in back and in lumbar region.

Cold hands, legs and feet. Hot hands. Heaviness of limbs. Itching limbs. Numbness of arms and fingers. Pain in joints; gouty; in hip; thigh; knees. Stitching in knees; tearing in knees and legs. Perspiration of hands; palms; feet. Weariness of knees.

Dreams: amorous, anxious; vivid.

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