Arnica Montana 30, Uses, Doses

Arnica Montana 30 is homeopathic potentized medicine. Common name of Arnica Montana is Leopard’s Bane. Mother Tincture of this medicine is prepared from fresh plant.

Arnica Montana used according to the symptoms. Clinically Uses of Arnica Montana in various diseases. Abscess. Apoplexy. Back, pains in. Baldness. Bed-sores. Black-eye. Boils. Brain, affections of. Breath, fetid. Bronchitis. Bruises. Carbuncle. Chest, affections of. Chorea. Corns. Cramp. Diabetes. Diarrhoea. Dysentery. Ecchymosis. Excoriations. Exhaustion. Eyes, affections of. Feet, sore. Haematemesis. Haematuria. Headache. Heart, affections of. Impotence. Labour. Lumbago. Meningitis. Mental alienation. Miscarriage. Nipples, sore. Nose, affections of. Paralysis. Pelvic haematocele. Pleurodynia. Purpura. Pyaemia. Rheumatism. Splenalgia. Sprain. Stings. Suppuration. Taste, disorders of. Thirst. Traumatic fever. Tumours. Voice, affections of. Whooping-cough. Wounds. Yawning.

Dose : Arnica Montana

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