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Anatomical Nomenclature

Anatomical Nomenclature

Anatomical Nomenclature. Galen in second century wrote his book in Greek. In 16th century Vesalius did it in Latin. Therefore the most of the anatomical terms are in either in Greek of Latin. By 19th century about thirty thousands anatomical terms were in use in the books and in the journals. In the year of 1895 the German Anatomical society held a meeting in Basle Nominia Anatomica (BNA).

The following six rules were laid down to be followed strictly- Anatomical Nomenclature

  1. Each parts shall have one name.
  2. Each term shall be in Latin.
  3. Each term shall be as short and simple as possible.
  4. The terms shall be merely memory signs.
  5. The related terms shall be similar that is femoral artery, femoral vein, and femoral nerve.
  6. The adjectives shall be arranged as opposites that is major and minor, superior and inferior.

BNA was revised in 1933 by a committee of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland in a meeting held at Birmingham. The revised BNA was named as Birmingham Revision (BR). An independent revision of the BNA was also done by German Anatomists in 1935 and was known as Jena Nomina Anatomica (JNA or INA). However the BR and INA found only local and restricted acceptance. (Anatomical Nomenclature).

In 1950 it was agreed at an International Congress of Anatomists held at Oxford that a further attempt should be made to established a generally acceptable international nomenclature. In the Sixth International Congress of Anatomists held at Paris (1960), a somewhat conservative revision of BNA with many terms form BR and INA was approved. Minor revisions and corrections were made at the International Congress held in New York (1960), and Wiesbaden,Germany (1965), and the third edition of Nomina Anatomica was published by the Excerpta Medica Foundation. (Anatomical Nomenclature )

The drafts on Nomina Histologica and Nomina Embryologica prepared by the subcommittee of the International Anatomial Nomenclature Committee (IANC) were approved in a plenary session of the Eleventh International Congress of Anatomists held in Leningrad in 1970. After a critical revision, the 4th edition of Nomina Histologica and Nomina Embryologica was published by the same publisher. Anatomical Nomenclature

Anatomical Nomenclature

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