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Ambra Grisea | Materia Medica by E. B. Nash

Ambra Grisea | Materia Medica by E. B. Nash

Dr. E. B. Nash
Dr. E. B. Nash

Eugene Beauharnais “E. B.” Nash (8 March 1838 – 6 November 1917) was one of America’s leading 19th-century homeopaths.

Born in Hillsdale, New York, Nash graduated from Cleveland Homoeopathic Medical College in 1874. He served as Professor of Materia Medica in the New York Homeopathic Medical College, and also taught at the Homoeopathic Hospital of London.

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Ambra Grisea


Here are five so-called hysterical remedies. They have many nervous symptoms that are similar, and I will only give a few characteristic symptoms of each and leave their study to those who love to study.

Moschus. “Hysterical spasms of the chest, nervous suffocative constrictions, especially ON becoming cold.” Palpitation (hysteric) with dyspnoea, prostration, fainting, exclaiming, “I shall die! I shall die!” etc., greatly excited. Laughs immoderately, or cries or scolds until her lips turn blue, eyes stare and she falls down fainting or unconscious.

Castoreum. “Exhausted, pains better from pressure, menstrual colic, with pallor and cold sweat.”

Asafoetida. Enormous accumulation of flatulence all pressing upward; ball rising in throat.

Great suffering, especially hysterical, from suppression of discharges. Discharges foetid.

Great sensitiveness to contact; in ulcers, especially periosteal.

“Full of wind; flatulence with eructations all PRESSING UPWARD, but none downward. Seems as if she would burst with the upward pressure, reverse peristalsis.” “Especially useful if its nervous symptoms come on after the suppression of leucorrhoeal or other habitual discharges.” All discharges offensive, even of ulcers, and great sensitiveness to contact or touch. Osteitis or caries with this same exceeding sensitiveness to contact (HEPAR).

Valerian. General nervous irritation, cannot keep still, tearing pains and cramps in different places. Feels as if FLOATING IN THE AIR (STICTA PULM. as if legs were floating in the air). Over-sensitiveness of all the senses. Sensation as of a thread hanging down throat. With this remedy I once cured a severe case of sciatica in a pregnant woman on the symptom, pain worse when standing and letting the foot rest on the floor. She could stand with that foot resting on a chair, or could lie down in comfort.

Ambra grisea. Convulsive cough, with frequent eructations of gas.

Discharge of blood between the periods; after a hard stool; or walk.

Very nervous women, cannot void stool or urinate when others are in the room.

DISCHARGE OF BLOOD BETWEEN PERIODS; any little exertion or straining at stool causes it. Nervous cough followed by eructations of wind. It is particularly adapted to nervous affections of old people and spare subjects nervously “worn out.”

These five remedies should be studied together.

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