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Aethiops Antimonialis | Homeopathy Medicine |Uses, Doses, Symptoms

Aethiops Antimonialis | Aethiops Antimonialis | Homeopathy Medicine | Aethiops Antimonialis by Dr. Clarke | Aethiops Antimonialis by Dr. Boericke

Aethiops Antimonialis by Dr. John Henry Clarke

Aethiops Antimonialis

Aethiops Antimonialis. Made by triturating two parts of sulphuret of antimony with one of quicksilver. (Berliner, Zeit. f. Hom. Ærzte., vol. ii. Hom. Recorder, 1894, p. 28.) Trituration.

Clinical Uses of Aethiops Antimonialis: .-Ophthalmia. Otorrhoea. Scrofula. Skin, affections of. Syphilis.

Characteristics Symptoms of Aethiops Antimonialis : .-This remedy has not been proved, but it has been used with signal success in scrofulous, herpetic, eczematous eruptions and discharges. Favus-like eruptions. Eruptions from fright. Painful, irritating, scabby eruptions of face. Scrofulous ophthalmia. Scrofulous otorrhoea, offensive. Hereditary syphilis. It seems to combine the powers of its various components. I have confirmed its utility in many aggravated skin affections.

Aethiops Antimonialis by Dr. William Boericke


Sulph and Quicksilver, or Black Sulphide Mercury


This preparation is of use in scrofulous affections, ophthalmia, otorrhoea, painful, irritating, scabby eruptions, hereditary syphilis.

Skin.–Eruptions. Favus-like, scrofulous, herpetic and eczematous.

Relationship.–Aethiops Antimonalis–(Hydrargyrum stibiato sulfuratum).–(often more effective than the above in scrofulous eruptions, glandular swellings, otorrhoea and scrofulous eye affections, corneal ulcers. Third trituration). Compare: Calc; Sil; Psorin.

Dose.–The lower triturations, especially the second decimal.

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