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Abrotanum, Uses, Doses, Sing, Symptoms, Side Effects

The common name of Abrotanum

  • Southernwood
  • Lady’s Love
  • Boy’s Love
  • The Old Man Tree

Clinically Uses of Abrotanum

  • Marasmus, Nose Bleed, Umbilicus oozing, Gout, Rheumatism, Hydrocel, Chilblain, Haemorrhoids, Lienteria, Exudations, Indigestions, Paralysis, Epilapsy, Boils etc.

Sign & Symptoms of Abrotanum

Marasmus: The main sign & symptoms of Abrotanum is in. Marasmus is called emaciation. Some children are becoming emaciate even they are taking sufficient food and also they have sufficient appetite.

Nose Bleed of Abrotanum
Nose Bleed

Nose Bleed: Abrotanum also have good functions on nose bleeding especially of morning nose bleed.

Umbilicus Oozing: Wonderful functions on umbilicus oozing. The oozing or secretions may be watery, may be yellowish, may be bloody.

Gout: The main sign & symptoms of Abrotanum in Gout is swelling start before pain. No other medicines have this peculiar symptoms. Joint become very stiff and lame.

Rheumatism: Abrotanum rheumatic pain in shoulder along with arms and wrist. Sensation of pricking pain and sensation of coldness in finger and feet. One of the most important symptoms is pain in lumber region extending to spermatic cord.

Hydrocel: In children has cured hydrocel wonderfully.


Chilblain: In winter season so number of people suffer from frostbite. The fingers and toes become red, start burning sensation and itching on the effected side. This type of problems cured by Abrotanum.

Haemorrhoids: Abrotanum also works on haemorrhoids or piles. One of the important symptoms about haemorrhoids is that hemorrhoids comes after rheumatisms. When rheumatisms cures then piles or haemorroids comes back.

Exudations: Abrotanum has functions in exudations of pleura, knee joint if the mental and physical symptoms permit.

Abrotanum also used in Boils where Heper Sulpher did not work properly. Epilepsy and Paralysis also has cured with this medicine.

Doses of Abrotanum:

In acute diseases Abrotanum could be use in lower potency like 6CH, 30CH, or 200CH. But in chronic diseases according to case study Abrotanum could be use 1m to 50M or CM. But higher potency always used after doctor’s advice.

Side Effects of Abrotanum:

No side effects not yet known. But appropriate uses can worsen the diseases symptoms. At that moment anti-dote could be use.

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